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Joker: A man. A myth. A real story?

  • Devvrat Mainhallikar
  • November 7, 2019
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Imagine a world where there are superheroes breathing the same air as us. But then we will have to deal with the supervillains as well. If that happens, what it would be like? We will never know the answers to these questions. But to get a glimpse of the mayhem and chaos, watch the film ‘Joker’.

The adaptation of DC comics’ infamously famous criminal mastermind ‘Joker’ by Todd Philips is as real as it can get. Set in early 80’s, it’s a very realistic take on the origin story of Arthur Fleck. The party clown who is a struggling standup comedian, living with his mom and battling with Pseudobulbar Affect, a mental disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably.

After Heath Ledger’s academy award winning portrayal of Joker and a miserable attempt from Jared Leto, it was a mammoth task to take this role and do some amount of justice to it. But Joaquin Phoenix has made Ledger proud with his breathtaking performance. In the film, through the eyes of an IMAX camera, we can see the minutest details on Joaquin’s face and he has lived up to the expectations of fans from all around the world. If this performance doesn’t get him an Oscar, I really don’t know what will!

On an important note, this film depicts the plausible ill effects of crime, unemployment, poverty on society in general. It also emphasized what lack of care and treatment can do to people with mental disorders. It is disturbing and dark, but you still can’t take your eyes off it.  

Everything about this film is outstanding. The screenplay, cinematography, editing, VFX and especially the background score. Hildur Guðnadóttir’s violin spears through your ears into your hearts.

Films like these come once in a generation. After ‘The Dark Knight’, this is the best from DC universe. After watching this film twice in IMAX myself, I can surely say that no one can afford to miss this one.

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