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He is just a class 10 student, but has already helped transform a govt school!

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 1, 2017
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As a part of the syllabus, all students in Tushar Mehrotra’s class are asked to take up an individual project, which they have to inquire into, work on it, and follow up with a report submission. Different students took up the projects of their choice, but Tushar was struck with the concept of doing something for children who come underprivileged backgrounds.

Initially, he decided to donate books to Government Primary School in Sector 54, Gurgaon. When he saw the infrastructure and facilities there, he realised that there was a lot more he needed to do. While working towards his project, the class 10 student, Tushar realised that the effort he was willing to put in went just way beyond the mandated school project. Initially, he spent time in the school trying to understand from the students what they really wanted.

Tushar began conducting story-telling sessions and encouraged the students to participate in these meetings. The school has around 130 students, and Tushar aimed to provide them with opportunities and a perfect infrastructure to give them a chance at achieving their success. Most of the government schools run under pathetic conditions. The need for stationery, clean drinking water, notebooks is present all year round.

Most of the government schools are very encouraging and forthcoming in allowing individuals people to help and adopt classrooms and schools. Saturdays are basically reserved for activities, and the students usually attend the school without their school bags; those who wish to teach them music or dance or are eager to play sports with them usually visit on Saturdays.

The noble gesture of this young boy is worth appreciating. We wish him great success in future and also that his initiative bears sweet fruit for the nation and to him.

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