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What does Kamal Hasan’s Party’s name stand for?

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 22, 2018
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Veteran Tamil actor, Kamal Hasan has finally floated his own political outfit with much aplomb. By doing so, Kamal Hasan has joined the ranks of popular actors who have taken the plunge in to active politics. While many are skeptical of his decision to change his career, there are few such as Arvind Kejriwal who have appreciated Kamal’s decision whole-heartedly.

The Delhi Chief Minister has also shown immense confidence in Kamal’s new innings.

However, what has stood out the most is the name of Kamal Hasan’s party – Makkal Needhi Maiam, which in English translates to The Center for People’s justice. The official innings of his political career and political outfit were launched at Madurai’s Othakadai Ground.

What was even more surprising was the presence of Delhi Chief Minister – Arvind Kejriwal – at the event. Speaking at the event in favour of Kamal Hasan, Arvind Kejriwal was quoted as saying, ‘This is a party for the people. We have a responsibility. This isn’t a one-day show!’

Kamal Hasan began the yatra from the house of revered Late President APJ Abdul Kalam. The event later culminated in Madurai. What stood out even more was the logo and flag of Kamal Hasan’s party.

The party logo contains six hands interlinked with a six-pointed star in the middle. As per the veteran star, the hands stand for the six states of South India, whereas the pointed star symbolize the people.

Apparently, Kamal’s plan to interact with school students was cancelled due to opposition from Hindu groups.

Do you think Kamal Hasan will enjoy unparalleled success in his political career, as well? Share your views in the comment section below right away! And remember, we at the Fearless Indian, always stand by you, our readers! #VoiceyourOpinion now…

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