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Karni Sena Loves Trailer of Padmavati, Praise Movie By Mistake

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  • October 12, 2017
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The first trailer of Padmavati was recently released online on all media portals. The trailer was praised by Bollywood celebrities unanimously. While some praised Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnificent sets, some also lauded Ranveer Singh’s larger-than-life evil look.

We all know how Karni Sena had earlier protested the making of the movie and caused chaos at the shooting of the movie. They also went a step further and burnt all the posters belonging to the movie.

However, things turned out quite differently once the trailer of the movie was launched online.
Karni Sena activists accidentally went gaga when the trailer was dropped. The moment when the teaser released, Karni Sena supporter Mr. Rajput gave a thumbs up to Padmavati’s trailer and tweeted “Wow, loved the first look of the trailer and fell in love with Ranveer’s look! This looks like a sure paisa vasool movie.”

Mr. Rajput’s colleague and Karni Sena spokesperson commented that he was enthralled by the large sets and felt like being a part of the movie-project. He was however disappointed when he saw that the scene of Karni Sena supporters slapping and punching Sanjay Leela Bhansali didn’t make the cut in the trailer.

Our TFI reporter was perplexed on seeing favourable tweets and reports pouring out of the Karni Sena headquarters in favour of the movie. On questioning the Karni Sena protestors on the reason for this 360-degree turn, Mr. Rajput realized that they were supposed to be protesting against the movie in the first place. He was quoted as saying, “I was so mind equal to blown by the trailer that I started praising it by mistake. I, in my over-enthusiasm called up Sanjay Bhai and congratulated him on the owsum trailer.’ ‘Just yesterday, I sent an whatsapp to Ranveer congratulating him for his performance to which he replied by sending a pic of him wearing a skirt. Ranveer bhi na!”

But yeah, I also agreed to be a part of the Arnab’s panel praising Padmavati – the movie.
God, now we have to start protests all over again now!”

It is to be seen, if Karni Sena decides to join the ‘Praise Padmavati Bandwagon’ or goes back to ‘Dhobi Pachad – Sanjay’ Karyakram!


Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire and bears no resemblance to the truth. 



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