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Is Kerala a fertile ground of terror groups?

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  • August 5, 2017
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The first thought which comes to mind when one talks about Kerala is the ‘high literacy rate and high HDI’ of the state, ‘scenic beaches and landscapes’, ‘medical tourism’, etc. But, of late, we are hearing a lot about the failed law and order situation in the state, regular killings of RSS/BJP members and Hindus. This is not something new, to understand the current persisting situation, we should take a look back at the history of communism in the state.

Armed with the two most important weapons, people’s support and the future – the indoctrinated children, the communist party began tightening their hold in the state. No opposition was allowed to grow big enough to question their clout, the colleges were ruled by SFI members and dissenting voices was suppressed there too. Even the movies made in Malayalam attract people towards the ideology of communism. The Communist ideology is such that no dissent is given space when they are in power. They see RSS as a threat as its growing in the state and it has a pan-India base which can challenge them anytime.

The National media towards the situation in Kerala, they have all the time in the world to show incidents in America, but when it comes to a state in India, they don’t find it important. The social media has always been a step forward when it comes to pointing out the attacks in Kerala, thus the media had to take cognizance of the situation and report it, but it was just a report and not given much importance like other cases, such as the Dadri incident or Rohit Vemula, etc. were given.

Though a few justify the amount of cases registered stating that ‘Kerala is a highly literate state, thus the confidence of the public in the Police is high’, one can’t ignore the stats. Also, there are reports that many cases are unregistered, and this applies for other states as well. But, when it comes to the protection of RSS/BJP members, the Kerala Police seem to play blind and ignore their plight. The MHA should pull up the state government for the law and order failure of the state.


Today, the situation persists in Kerala, tomorrow it can be elsewhere, we have to stand up and face them before we become history.


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