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In Kerala, Kim Jong is the real Hero!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 18, 2017
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Yes, you read that right! Kim Jong is a hero for the people of Kerala, specially the CPM. Don’t be shocked to see Kim Jong-un’s hoardings line up across Kerala. Yes, this has been the doing of CPM cadres in Kerala who look up to the dreaded dictator.

It is quite known that CPM cadres have been grown up on the constant fodder of Anti-US hatred over the years. No points for guessing who is the No.1 villain as per the United States. You will find the flex boards put up in Nedumkandam town and Thannimoodu in Idukki district. The dictator’s photos have been placed beside the sickle and hammer of the CPM-logo. The boards were installed keeping in mind the upcoming quadrennial party meet.

Surprisingly, the usual communist heroes – Marx, Stalin and Lenin were this missing from the flex boards. The party’s leaders were obviously unapologetic about the entire fiasco. Instead they stood by their cadres’ decision of including Kim Jong-un in the hoardings.

Kim Jong un

CPM District Secretariat Member was quoted as saying, ‘Kim is the only communist leader to take on US President Donald Trump. American imperialism has killed hundreds over the years. We do not consider other elements of Kim’s personality!’

BJP wasn’t left far behind when it came to criticize this move of the CPM cares. Sabmit Patra – BJP Spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Jong-un finds place in CPM’s posters in Kerala! No wonder they have converted Kerala into killing fields for their opponents!”

The Congress too criticized this controversial move as the CPM are hell-bent on opposing Rahul Gandhi, who as per the Congress, want to form a secular platform for uniting the entire country!

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