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Kerala School serves pork during Ramzan

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  • July 3, 2017
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Over the last few decades, there has been tremendous outrage by a massive portion of the media & pseudo-secularists over how the government is clumping on people’s ‘right to eat’. Even though a majority of beef ban laws were brought by Congress governments, it was as if the outrage was kept reserved by these critics for the NDA government. This ‘Right to Eat’ brigade has been very vociferous against the Narendra Modi government & has spoken only on incidents that have occurred in BJP-ruled states.

Muslims in Erumeli village in Kerala are outraged over a local high school run by Catholic management serving pork during Ramzan. On Friday, a day after the school served pork curry, several Muslims stormed St Thomas Higher Secondary School in Kottayam district. The mob blocked the road for three hours, damaged school furniture & assaulted two teachers. The pork curry was prepared for a party held at the school for about 60 staffers, most of whom are Catholic. At the same time, 91 students belonging to the National Cadet Corps (NCC) were training for a parade.

“Since food was left over after the teachers’ party, staff member Rajeev Joseph, in charge of the NCC, called the students to finish it. He announced there was pork curry on the menu and Muslims students should not consume it. For those who did not eat pork, there was fish curry and pickle,” he said. A Muslim student reportedly told his parents pork was served in the school. The parents took up the matter with the local Jamaat Council the next day, following which protests broke out. Council secretary P A Irshad said all Muslim outfits are united on the issue. “The school management should not have selected the month of Ramzan to serve pork. Our religious sentiments are hurt,” he said.

The surprising thing is that the education department suspended headmaster Thomas Varghese & teacher Rajeev Joseph for serving pork. If this is not intolerance & appeasement, then what is it? Had Muslim students eaten pork without being made them aware of it, then the outrage was justifiable. But this truly went out of hand. Are liberal squad sleeping now?


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