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Did you know what happened after the Mahabharata war?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 15, 2017
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The epic Mahabharata is a close perfect example of how to go about your life except, of course, the battle. The battle of Kurukshetra is considered as one of the bloodiest battles ever fought in human history. It was so atrocious that despite lasting for approximately 18 days, it resulted in the death of almost 80% of the Indian male population, and it’s narrative forms more than a quarter of the epic. But, did you have ever wondered that what had exactly happened after the Pandavas won? Who all survived? How long did the rule on Hastinapur? Most importantly, what exactly happened with Lord Krishna? Let’s check out few facts about our great epic.

  • After getting a victory in Kurukshetra battle, Pandavas are crowned the monarch of Hastinapur with Yudhistira being at the command of affairs. An anguished Gandhari curses Lord Krishna wishing for him and the entire Yadav tribe an awful death just like her sons (Kauravas).

  • Pandavas govern Hastinapur for approximately 36 long years. Meanwhile, Gandhari’s curse to Krishna started taking shape. Observing dangerous events in the state of Dwarka, Lord Krishna leads an exodus of the entire tribe to Prabhasa. In Prabhasa, devastating rebellions arise amongst the tribe, and the Yadavs end up killing each other to the extent of almost erasing out their entire face.
  • The malignant body of Lord Krishna gets shot by a hunter mistakenly when he was trying to remove the rebellion of Yadava was killing his own tribe members at Parabhasa. Following which, Krishna leaves his malignant body on earth and unites with his genuine image of Lord Vishnu.

  • Pandavas along with Draupadi goes to the Himalayas region as a final penitence to reach heaven. During their journey, one by one among the five brother’s falls to death, starting with Draupadi and ending with huge of them, Bheem. As per mythology, the reason behind their death is said to be their issues, desires, and troubles caused by their pride.

The main characters of the mythological epic left their mortal bodies on this earth in this way. After their sorrowful death, Kal Yuga (the present time) began with increasing ruckus and Adharma dragging into the world.

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