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Do you know the Trimurti behind the rise of Patanjali?

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 7, 2017
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Ramdev’s contribution to Yoga is known to all. He not only reintroduced Yoga to the entire nation, but also repackaged it in such a way that Yoga was made cooler even for the younger generation.

With time, Ramdev Baba emerged as a Marketing Guru like no other. With Patanjali, he ensured that he gave stiff competition to the best in the FMCG industry. Right from herbal and Ayurvedic products to biscuits and Maggi noodles, Patanjali is omni-present in almost every product in the FMCG category, thus giving sleepless nights to the top marketers in the world, which enjoy lucrative packages worth a crore.

However, if you thought that alone Ramdev Baba is responsible for this revolution, then you are mistaken. Following are the Trimurti responsible for the rise and rise of Patanjali…

  1. Balkrishna

Balkrishna is quite easily the next in-command after Ramdev Baba, considering his presence on TV channels, Yoga-shibirs and interviews. Reports suggests that Balkrishna works close to around 15 hours per day including Sundays and Public holidays. What is exasperating is – Balkrishna does not draw a salary, but holds a staggering 95% stake in the company. Balkrishna has vowed that he will work towards making Patanjali India’s no.1 FMCG company. Going by the speed at which Patanjali is working, we don’t doubt his tall claim at all!

  1. Bharat

Not much is known of Bharat. Not many are aware that Ram Bharat is the younger, media-shy brother of Ramdev Baba. He is the man responsible towards handling all day to day operations of Patanjali and is loyal to the core. He was in news with connection to a case of instigation which resulted in to clashes between Haridwar truck union-members and guards of Patanjali. These clashes caused the murder of 1 and injures of 4 others.

  1. Aditya / Pittie Group

Aditya – the CEO of Pittie Group ensured that Patanjali doesn’t go the same way as other Ayurvedic or herbal brands in to oblivion. Thanks to the 30-year old CEO and the Pittie Group, Patanjali no more remained a niche brand. It was only after the partnership with Pittie Group – Patanjali’s distribution partner – that Patanjali was seen on shelves, across India. Thus, Patanjali owes a lot to Aditya and the Pittie Group for its wide-reach & astounding success.

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