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Do you know the woman who paved the path for Indian women…?

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 30, 2017
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India is endowed with inspirational men & women who strive to make our country a much better place for everyone. One such inspirational woman is none other than – Anandi Bai Joshi.

Well before our time, Anandi Bai Joshi paved the path for women in India with respect to education and pursuing one’s own dreams.

She was married of at the young age of 9. Child marriages were quite prevalent and a norm back then. India too was a patriarchal society and women’s education was considered a waste of time and money.

Still, Anandi Bai Joshi fought for the basic right to education and trained herself in western medicine, which was unheard of in that era.

She earned the rare distinction of becoming the only female physician from South Asia.  Anandi Bai could achieve all this and more thanks to unbiased support from her broad-minded husband.

Anandi Bai indeed laid out the way forward for women who want to be more than home-makers, in life.

A century later, it is indeed pathetic that women education is still a widely debated topic in our country. Anandi Bai Joshi is indeed an inspiration for generations to come.

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