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Learn how to “ullu seedha karna” from Mrs Funnybones while she explains the bull about pads and GST

  • Holy Cow
  • February 8, 2018
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What I am made to understand in the past few months is, I am the only woman in India who was getting visits from Aunt Flo every month all this while for all the other women in India got their periods only after July 1st 2017. Perhaps this is why, ONE out of every THREE women in India (Asia rather) is clueless of this phenomena; at least, that what’s the ever so “knowledgeable” and “intellectual” Twinkle Khanna believes. And when she mouths this utter ignorance on BBC, the feminist brigade cheers hard till their ovaries start to bleed.

So this is how it works in their minds when they imagine a middle class mother-daughter conversing.

“Mommy mommy, what’s this reddish fluid dripping down my legs?”

“Oh, I don’t know honey, just go crawl into a dark room and keep laying for the next 3 days.”

Because this mother is among the 1 out of 3 women who have lived through puberty and birthed children staying oblivious of mensuration. Though it’s not surprising to see Twinkle being confidently pseudo to drive her point home – because, hey, that’s what she has been doing ever since joining twitter – it’s appalling to witness the gullibility of the janta that gets sold on her inanity. That most of her loyal fans are “educated” woman talking, cursing even coughing and sneezing in English baffles me, and tells me – command over English doesn’t bring enlightenment.

Now let’s discuss the hullabaloo surrounding pads and GST and the language Twinkle Khanna’s legion speaks for this oh-so-noble cause on all platforms of social media hackling the government to make Sapitary napkins GST free. Going by their theory,  “1 out of 2 women don’t know about periods”,  this uninformed batch of revolutionaries – or so they think themselves to be – is perhaps clueless of how GST works for different products. In the pre-GST era a pack of pads was taxed at 18%. Today the same pack is charged at the rate of 12%. Now does that insinuate an inflation? As the intellectuals aren’t the sharpest knives in the kitchen, how about the nobodies do the math and explain what at all is this outrage about?

Say they demand tax free sanitary napkins. Perfect. So what were these social butterflies busy fluttering feminism these days doing when the product came with an 18% tax? Answer is, they were socializing. They were minding their own business because the idea of making a movie on sanitary napkins had yet to dawn upon them. Or perhaps – I am just speculating – they had a government of their liking. Else, maybe the previous government was distributing free pads under some scheme I didn’t happen to hear of.

Sanitation and health remain to be a problem for people of limited means in rural India. And it takes a special soul to get their feet wet and hands dirty to work towards a solution. The special person here is Padma Shri Muruganantham, the real “Padman” who runs a company in Coimbatore and supplies low cost sanitary napkins to financially challenged women in over 4500 villages. Each one of you know about the upcoming movie, Padman. How many of you had heard of this gentleman, Muruganantham? Again, it takes yet another special soul to identify a profitable opportunity in someone else’s sufferings or success, and you have Mrs Funnybones to serve that cause.

She couldn’t care less about sanitary napkins or the GST charged on it. She doesn’t need GST free pads. But she has an upcoming movie and that needs promotion. Period.

(How I wish Twinkle returned to acting. Her unbearable movies were a million times easier than her insufferable hypocrisy. Wait for a month and she shall teach you how misogynistic Holi is.)


Yours Truly,


Holy Cow




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