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The Legendary Army Fighter Who Fooled the Mighty Chinese Army!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 11, 2017

We all are aware of the Chinese Army’s might. The Chinese Army is one of the most dreaded armies in the world. The torture techniques of the Chinese are even more popular and feared. Therefore, soldiers think twice before colliding head-on with the Chinese.

India too has a bad history with the Chinese Army. In the infamous 1962 War, the Indian Army suffered horrible losses at the hands of the Chinese. The lopsided war made the Indians wary before taking on the Chinese ever since, barring the Doklam incident.

However, even in a losing effort, the Indian soldiers gave it their all to ensure the Chinese do not earn an easy victory. Believe it or not, the Indian Army, though unprepared, made the Chinese toil hard for victory.

One such brave Indian soldier was – Rifleman Jaswant Singh. His story is so awe-inducing that he is regarded as a legend in Indian Army!

Jaswant Singh was a part of the 4th Battalion of the Garhwal Rifles during the Indo-China War, 1962. Unlike the others from his battalion, brave Jaswant refused to back down from his position. The rest from his Battalion retreated owing to heavy casualty and losses suffered at the hands of the Chinese Army.

Jaswant then sought the help of two tribal girls to face the Chinese. With their help, he set up weapons at different points and maintained fire that created the illusion of firing from a huge battalion.

The Chinese were baffled, and this continued for almost 3 days. Finally, the opposition managed to find the man who was supplying the ration to the Jaswant.

Jaswant when sure he was about to die soon shot himself in the head rather than surrendering to the Chinese Army. The Chinese were frustrated to learn that they were kept busy for over 3 days by just one man. Out of frustration they chopped off Jaswant’s head and took it back to China.

Jaswant is indeed a true hero and an inspiration for many aspiring army-men! A big salute to Jaswant and his heroics!


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