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Lessons that Covid-19 has left for us!

  • Fearless Indian
  • June 1, 2020
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Waking up in the morning , rushing to the washroom , getting fresh , having quick bread toast and leaving the home quickly so that we don’t miss the local bus and be at work on time .
On the way , We hear cars honking, traffic jams , cursing the fate for being late to work .

Again the same story while coming back to home , After we reach home ,We are hungry and need our dinner as soon as possible , some cook , some have the privilege to already have cooked food served at dining table . Go to bed on time so that we don’t miss out waking up on time .
Wait, isn’t this story in the character needs to pause down. Well, yes we all need to look at our life from different perspectives and sometime pause down a bit.

More than a two months long lockdown has taught many of us some simple things which we have thought of, while all our life we kept running after certain things.

How we being a part of nature stopped communicating with nature or how we started owning this planet? We somewhere forgot to be in touch with our loved ones , our friends since we were too busy counting all the cash we got.

We forgot to look after the greatest gift which god has given us, that is our body and mind.

How we have dreamt of owning a big car and suddenly our want or desire has reduced to stay alive and procure the daily essentials?
Desires are necessary part of life & because them we grow but unfulfilled desires leads to misery, we were living with too many miseries in our life.

Have we ever thought , that in this entire cosmos the nature is helping the human race to strive and live beautifully but we are unhappy because certain of our desire didn’t get fulfilled on time , isn’t it mad ?
It’s the time when we give time to ourselves, share and care for people around us. We should have gratitude that this planet is doing all this necessary things to make us live and desire for better things in our life.

It’s time when we start to appreciate the simple things, be happy, do our duty and have the desire to become better every day.

This Covid-19 has surely brought a lot of suffering but if we looked at it in any possible way, we could have avoided it. With sufferings, it is also leaving us with many lessons to be learned and hope we look at them and use those learning in day to day life for better days ahead for us and the entire living race on planet.

Jaya Saha

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