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A list of freedoms that we demand this Independence Day

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  • August 9, 2017
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India will celebrate its 70th Independence Day in seven days and it makes us wonder the many freedoms we desperately need in order to be free from the shackles of societal evils that threaten to muffle our voice and kill our rights. Today, we demand certain freedoms because life, as we know it, has become way too complicated.

Freedom of Religion : Despite being a fundamental right, this is perhaps the most controversial freedom in India. Being proud of the religion we call our own doesn’t warrant killings in the name of the religion our neighbour follows. If we can hope for others to respect our religion, it’s our duty to extend the favour. Because it’s simply not our business to meddle in someone else’s beliefs and force upon them what we uphold. Because then that simply makes us unpatriotic.

Freedom of Justifications : A woman gets raped, she must have worn a skirt. A man supports Pakistan in a cricket match, he must be an ‘anti-national’. We are so quick to justify a situation, we often forget to see how blinded our mind’s eye is. Justifying situations such as these, which really don’t need any justification, only goes to curb the freedom of individualism.

Freedom to express humour:  We are literally standing on the edge of the cliff that will break as soon as someone cracks another joke. Remember AIB Roast, anyone? It was followed by numerous FIRs simply because the nation had lost its ability to laugh at humour. Indians are not serious, uptight beings. They are carefree and love to joke. Then why are we hell bent on killing this aspect of our freedom of expression when it’s so harmless, it only tickles our funny bone?

Freedom to choose a career:  Everyone needs to take a chill pill – parents, aunties, uncles, drivers, everyone! India’s obsession with medical and engineering is unfaltering but that doesn’t call for ruining a child’s future simply because he/she wants to become a nurse or a video producer. Career options, nowadays, add up to more than what this year is called. The world’s growing, why must we stop our children or siblings from pursuing what their heart desires?

Freedom of Speech : Here’s another fundamental right which goes ‘poof!’ within seconds because of intolerance. People outraging at Sonu Nigam for his tweet on azaan was a testament to how this freedom was manipulated and will continue to get misconstrued at every step of the way. We crib and complain every day about things we dislike. Then why lose our marbles when someone points out what annoys them?

Freedom from gender policing : Men and women are expected to function according to the diktats that rule their gender. Men shouldn’t cry and women shouldn’t wear jeans. Gender policing is harmful not only to the individual but to the society at large. Women are conquering the realms of corporate world and men are taking paternity leave to take care of their children. Stereotypes are being broken. Accept that, society!

Freedom from body-shaming: Let’s be clear about it – body shaming is one of the worst forms of abusing someone’s freedom to be alive. Apart from blowing our self-esteem to bits, it fosters a culture where our nation is seen as one that is intolerant toward how others choose their lifestyle. Who are we to judge what others eat or wear?

Did we miss out some more needed freedom?


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