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The lowest “Big” movies of 2017

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 30, 2017
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2017 proved out to be one of Bollywood’s most devastating years, both economically and in terms of the quality of the movies made this year. While there some good ones like Jolly LLB 2, Naam Shabana, The Ghazi Attack, Newton, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and the list goes on. We also saw the release of some forgettable flicks like Munna Michael, Noor, Raabta, Chef and more.

Today, we have the list of some worst “Big” movies of 2017 that left the audience disturbed.

Raees: In our list of the Worst Movies of 2017 is Raees. Raees, well, it’s even worse.It was based on a real-life villain Abdul Latif – A gangster who had a mutually beneficial relationship with the ruling party of the 80s and kept Ahmedabad in line for them using violence and fear. The movie glorifies the villain; it presents him as a civil businessman-philanthropist who is extremely favorite and never hurts anyone who doesn’t hurt him first. Raees wasn’t just a badly made movie but was an atrocious message to the society as well. It wasn’t exactly a box office success, it crawled to somehow make some money for its producers thereby raising the doubt again – Is the era of SRK actually over?

Tubelight: The cry hard story of two brothers (Salman and Sohail Khan) set during the Sino-Indian war of 1962 revolved out to be a stupid creation of love and emotions. Tubelight turned out to be a compelled experiment where the effort to collect sympathy for the lead (Salman) suffering from a rare disease was on your face. No Munni Badnam, No six pack show, Salman wasn’t beating any Chhedi Singh to Pulp in this movie either. Therefore, for the first time since 2012, the magical pair of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan failed to set the box office.

Half Girlfriend: Chetan Bhagat is a horrible writer who writes terrible books, Half Girlfriend was his most horrible book till date, but the movie rights of his book were sold even before the Book’s release. Half-Girlfriend specifies a lot of things and transparently paints a very bad picture of Bihar, and Bihari guys, even after giving a lot of lecture on Bihar’s past achievements, The acting is terrible, accents even more terrible, with an exception of Vikrant Masse. If Half-Girlfriend is to be believed, Patna is so small that you keep bouncing into people. Every house in Patna is on the banks of Ganga. There are VFX fireworks in Patna skies all the time. Affluent people of Delhi only speak English and rich girls sing alone when they are really sad. You can start singing in Delhi and haphazard foreigners will come out of average and start clapping.


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