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What made Paresh Rawal enter into politics?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • June 13, 2017
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The Bollywood profound actor recently slammed Arundhati Roy for making anti-national comments. Paresh Rawal had said that instead of the stone-pelters, Roy should have been tied to the jeep. His twitter account was suspended for a few days. The BJP MP says that he doesn’t regret & has no intentions to take the statement back.

Paresh has been a Lok Sabha MP since 2014. It was an emphatic win for him, giving him the license to multitask. Kin to the character of Kanjilal Mehta essayed by him in 2012 blockbuster OMG – Oh My God! Rawal believes that the need to speak up for the nation is greater than the need to be ‘politically correct’. The film industry has chosen not to react to Rawal’s comments. Many of us curious and wanted to know that how the ‘method actor’ was drawn into politics.

When it comes to his family career, he has done it all. From playing comic roles, to essaying subtle characters & even playing the main antagonist, he has succeeded with almost every experiment. Rawal is an actor that can make the common man stand up & take notice. An actor who had nothing to do with politics, suddenly joined the BJP & was given an opportunity to contest for MP from Ahmedabad. What led to his political entry?

The actor admits that he has been an ardent Modi fan since 2006. This was also the first time the actor met the then Gujarat CM. After meeting PM Modi, Rawal became a fan of our prime minister. He was impressed & motivated by the then Gujarat CM’s work. The camaraderie continued & Rawal campaigned for Modi in the 2012 Gujarat state assembly elections.

The actor is working on several projects, but what fans are awaiting is his most ambitious project till date. It’s a biopic on PM Modi, which is also being produced by the actor himself. The shooting is scheduled to begin in October. When asked if the film may come across as propaganda, the actor replies, “I don’t care”. Apart from the state of Gujarat, all Modi fans might be looking up to him. At the end of the day, believer or non-believer, he won’t have any regrets.


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