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“Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence Summit 2018”- A Paradigm Shift towards New Maharashtra

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • February 26, 2018
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As I pen down My Second Blog of this year, On Magnetic Maharashtra, I would to start with a quote from the Greatest Thinker, Philosopher, whom I consider in my life as a Mentor – Swami Vivekananda, Says—

“Shivaji was one of the greatest National Saviours, who emancipated our society and our Dharma when they were faced with the threat of total destruction. He was a Peerless hero, a pious and God- fearing king & Verily a manifestation of all the virtues of a born leader of men described in our ancient scriptures. He also embodied the deathless spirit of our land & stood as the light of hope for our future”.

Before I start My blog, I would like to give a brief on State of Maharashtra—

A State spanning west-Central India, is best known for its fast-paced capital, Mumbai, (formerly Bombay). We see site like the British Raj-Era-Gateway of India Monument & cave temples at Elephanta Island. To the south is the rustic, beach-lined Konkan Coast. The name Maharashtra is believed to be originated from Rathi, which means “Chariot” driver”.

Now Friends, let me give you all A detailed overview of Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018—

The Main aim of the summit is to facilitate Investments into the state, the Government of Maharashtra in its big Economic Push of the year. It also aims to Promote Indigenous Manufacturing & also to provide due impetus to the Flagship Program “Make in India”, held during the Period from February 18th to February 20th at the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The Investment summit has been conceptualized on four main pillars of ‘Employment, Sustainability, Infrastructure, & Future Industries’. Honourable CM of Maharashtra, whose vision & Mission statement envisages Infrastructure Led Development of the state. Maharashtra is blessed to have a Leader of the state, CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, who echoes all the Flagship Programs Of our PM Modi, whose selfless, relentless, tireless work towards rescripting a narrative of Vikas & Parivartan of all  communities through his visionary thought process of Empowering common Man, especially addressing Agrarian Distress, implemented a Historic Chhatrapathi Shetkari Samman Yojana,- Karzmaafi, Jalayukt Shivir,etc , saw Maharashtra scaling towards Trillion Dollar Economy, & also contribute to 50% of FDI, & also played a stellar role in Ease of doing business for achieving 42nd Position.

CM of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, who gave an overview of his vision for Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018, “With our maiden Global Investment summit, “We aim to strengthen Maharashtra’s Position as the gateway for all Industrial Investments in India where the best minds, industries & Government machineries converge to co-create.” He also further stated “We are Focussing on Building a “Future-Ready” State that features consistently in the top destinations in the world for Industrial innovation & smart Manufacturing.” There was an unveiling session of smartphone application” Magnetic Maharashtra: Convergence 2018, & a  Micro-site WWW.midcindia.org/convergence2018/registration, which will provide the details of the Summit & facilitate Participants with the ease of registration. To support the new age entrepreneurs in the state the summit also hosted a competition “Magnetic Maharashtra, start-ups under 30”, which was judged by Eminent Jury. Our PM Modi inaugurated Magnetic Maharashtra: Convergence 2018, which was intended to bring everyone- Heads of States & Governments, leaders from Political & Corporate World, Policy makers & academicians under one roof. The three- day Summit will include interactive seminars, Panel Discussions, CEO Roundtables, B2B, B2G meetings. The State Government showcased its Infrastructure Projects, including PM Modi’s Pet Project, Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train & CM Mr. Fadnavis, Flagship Initiative—Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway. Italian Giant Lamborghini which plans to invest in Maharashtra, for its Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing Plant. An MoU was signed during the Summit.  PM Modi after Inaugurating the “Magnetic Maharashtra”, Global Investors Summit in suburban Bandra, – He Said Maharashtra will become India’s First Trillion Dollar Economy, Reaching the milestone by 2025. He also further went to state the fact that Maharashtra had set itself an ambitious target but added that no ambition was “beyond realisation in the land of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj”. PM Modi was speaking at the inaugural session of the 18-20 February Magnetic Maharashtra global Investment Summit in Mumbai.

As we all Know Maharashtra’s current economy stands at $400Bn. Modi recalled that when India’s Economy joined the $1trillion Club, it created headlines. “But later everything went down in scams & there was talk about fragile Five. Now, in the last three years, the talk has gained traction & credence that India could well join the 5 Trillion Dollar club” Modi said. PM also applauded the Pro-vikas Agendas of Maharashtra Government, which led to improvement in the ease of doing business Parameters & Good Governance. PM Modi also applauded the efforts of Maharashtra Government in the last three to four years had abolished more than 1,400 outdated Laws. “The New Laws that are being made are meant to simplify things & reduce human interface. We are building a transparent ecosystem in the country, simplifying Law, Procedures.”

People who were seated on the Stage, were Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis , Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons Ltd:Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd: Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group: Adi Godrej, Chairman of Godrej Group: Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta Resources: Baba Kalyani, Managing Director at Bharat Forge: Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group: Hyun- Joon Cho, Chairman, Hyosung: Gil Ho Bang, Chairman, POSCO India: Edward Monser, President, Emerson: Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for surface Transport & Shipping: Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Commerce: & Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Our PM Modi also stressed on the fact that summits like Magnetic Maharashtra, were an example of “Co-operative & Competitive Federalism”, & that each Indian State was organizing such summits to attract investment. “This was a trend that Gujarat started & each state has started following it”. Our PM Modi also complimented Our CM of Maha, Friends being a citizen of Maharashtra I feel very proud of his tireless, selfless work towards citizens, -Maharashtra for its leadership in attracting Foreign Direct Investments & its Infrastructure-led Growth model. He also stated the fact that- 700-Km Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi corridor as a project of scale that would help Maharashtra take a quantum leap & Generate at least 2.5 Million Jobs. Our CM also envisaged the roadmap of the state in the summit- it was convergence of Business, Political & thought Leadership. Giving a report card of the state’s Progress since the Make in India week in February 2016., the CM also said, the State had signed MoUs worth Rs.8Trillion. “Of these, agreements worth Rs.4.91 trillion are under implementation which represents a conversion rate of 61%. Of this Rs.4.91 Trillion, Projects worth Rest. 72,000 Cr. are already into Production & MoUs worth Rs.1.66 Trillion are at different stages of Implementation” CM said.

Friends, During Magnetic Maharashtra Summit, around 4,106 Memorandums of understanding involving an investment of more than Rs. 12.10 trillion during the three-day Magnetic Maharashtra Global Investors summit, CM Mr. Fadnavis gave the factual report, during the Business conclave. He also went on further by saying that the State will also have an “approved Investment” of Rs.3.91 Trillion through 104 MoUs to be executed by Maharashtra & Central Government agencies. The Industry Sector—Manufacturing, Future Industry Sectors Like Hyperloop, Electric Vehicles, Logistics, textiles, gems & Jewellery –accounts for Rs5.48 trillion of Rs. 12.10 Trillion Projected Investment followed by Housing at Rs.3.85 trillion & Energy are Rs.1.60 Trillion, Mr. Fadnavis said. Many questions were raised to CM of Maharashtra, like in reality how many of these were translated into actual Investments, to which CM Mr. Fadnavis replied, the State had realised 63%, of the 2,984 MoUs it signed during the Make in India week In Mumbai in February 2016. He said “we Would better this strike rate to actualise the investment committed at the Magnetic Maharashtra Summit”. He also further stressed the fact that Apart from the 3.6 Million Jobs that 4,106 Investment Proposals promise to create, the approved investment of Rs.3.91 trillion that Government agencies would generate more than 2 L Jobs. There were also questions raised to CM regarding the future of Rs.1.5Trillion Mega Refinery & Petrochemical Complex proposed to be developed by three oil Marketing Companies over 15,000 acres in Ratnagiri District of Konkan Region, to which CM replied by saying g that eventually Government would sign an Agreement, for the Project but def taking People’s consensus.

CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis also signed MoUs, which included investments of Rs. 60,000cr Committed by Reliance Industries Ltd., into establishing an Integrated Industrial area. Maharashtra Governments agency, (MIDC), signed an MoU with Railways to set up a Rs. 2,000-acre coach, Manufacturing factory at Latur in Marathwada. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, told reporters, that 350 acres of land for 1st phase of Rs.600 cr., would be handed over to Railways duly by next 4 to 5 Days.” This would be a large facility to service not only the domestic metro rail industry but even the international Market. Min.Of Railways also went on further saying that we are developing an Ecosystem of World-class coach factory with ancillary units similar to the Auto Industry, around Pune. Mr. Fadnavis said the Latur Factory had the Potential to change “the fate of entire Marathwada region”, & create 15,000 direct Jobs & three times in direct Job opportunities. He pointed out that a large chunk of investment committed at the Summit would go into economically backward regions like Marathwada & Vidarbha & Tier-3 Places.” Infact the Biggest beneficiary of Magnetic Maharashtra is Marathwada. The investment Proposals have a good regional & Sectoral Spread”. Friends, Before I Conclude my thoughts on Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018, I would like to say that as a Mumbaikar I feel very Proud of My CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, who showed his character facing all odds esp. during Maratha Agitation, Handling his Naysayers, with his Prudence, wisdom of thoughts, through his visionary thought Process of Echoing our PM Modis flagship Programs, like Swachh Bharat, Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, PMAY, & Most importantly his Jalayukt Shivir, helping farmers to come out of their distressed situations, from Marathwada, Vidarbha, North Maharashtra, Most importantly I remember when Duct was to be inducted in Western express highway of Metro 3 project, he was there on the spot at 2am in the Morning & personally Monitored the Duct Installation, that’s the level of commitment. His speedy Redressal of complaints, addressing all Civic Apathies continuously on the move throughout Maharashtra, His Dedicated “Aaple Sarkar”, where citizens can upload their Grievances, it is addressed duly by various departments. This is how our CM of Maharashtra he works with Meticulous Planning, Insightful thinking, Business Acumen, Leadership qualities, address all Nitis directed towards Citizens of Maharashtra. KUDOS CM of Maharashtra!!! Indeed, you are the Leader of the Masses. TY CM of Maharashtra for Giving all Citizens a Ray of Hope after so many years that here is a leader who echoes our PM & Reflects his energies for the People.

Friends, I would like to say that all My Tweets which is more than 500+ of my chain #MaharashtraVikasKiAur & #Mumbai4Vikas is dedicated humbly to CM for his Work towards citizens of Maharashtra. Feel Very Proud & elated of your Vision & Mission statement of Paradarshikta & Parivartan Honarach towards Vikas & Parivartan for all communities across Maharashtra.

Dr. Sukanya Iyer

Jai Hind

Jai Maharashtra

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