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Maharashtra MLC loses his temper on this Bollywood Superstar

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 13, 2017
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Recently a video has gone viral , published by Times Now, in which a Mumbai MLC can be seen getting in to a verbal spat with none other than Bollywood’s superstar King Khan.

King Khan had visited Alibaug to ring in his 52nd birthday at his farmhouse via his own private Yacht. On the other hand, Jatant Patil, Maharashtra MLC, can be seen questioning SRK in the video, in a rather unflattering note, if he has bought entire Alibaug.

The reason for Patil’s frustration and angst was – SRK – wasn’t exiting his Yacht and this prevented Patil from leaving on his journey to Mumbai from Alibaug jetty.

It’s apparent that SRK took his own sweet time to alight off his Yacht. The reason for this delay is unknown. However, in the video you can clearly hear SRK’s fans waiting for him excitedly, so they can get a glimpse of their own favorite Superstar in person. After Patil’s angry rant, SRK calmly alighted from his Yacht without confronting the Maharashtra MLC.

The VVIP culture in India is known to all. While Jatant Patil’s frustration is understandable, we would like to question him if he is not used to the tantrums thrown by his counterparts in the Maharashtra Government while traveling via road or flight.

Watch the video and share your views in the comments section below! Let us know whose side are you on?

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