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Manish Tewari Gets Slammed On Twitter

  • Ranvir Singh
  • November 28, 2016
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Congress leader Manish Tewari today faced a barrage of attacks on twitter for posting fake information.

In an attempt to malign the NDA Government, former Information and broadcasting minister (UPA) Manish Tewari posted an old video where a guy is being thrashed by the crowds and claimed that the man in the video is union minister Dr.Harshvardhan who is getting thrashed as a result of people’s anger over demonetization.


This isn’t the first time Manish Tewari has used Social Media to spread rumours, he has a history of such cases. This time too, it was the fellow twitterati’s who gave a befitting reply to his fake post and shamed him for getting into such rumour-mongering activities.

Many Twitter users and some BJP supporters started replying to Manish Tewari’s fake tweet post and pointed out that the video in question was an old video from Asansol, West Bengal and the man being roughed up was in fact a BJP MLA.

Later, even Union Minister Dr.Harshvardhan, issued a clarification stating that the man being thrashed in the viral video by an unknown mob wasn’t him.

His tweet said, “A video in my name is making rounds on whatsapp and other media. It’s misleading content being spread with malicious and mischievous intent.”


The video posted by Manish Tewari has been doing the rounds on Facebook for few days. Critics of PM Modi’s demonetisation have been using the video to illustrate the level of anger against the note ban in rural India.

Similar videos of BJP leaders either being chased or thrashed have recently surfaced from Madhya Pradesh and Assam.

NDA Government’s demonetisation move has mentally affected politicians like Manish Tewari. The money earned from numerous scams in their tenure has turned into trash overnight; with no money left politicians like Manish Tewari have gone bonkers.

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