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The many many controversies of Kamal Hasan!

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  • November 7, 2017
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Revered filmmaker & actor, Kamal Hasan celebrates his 63rd birthday today. Just like his celebrated film career, his list of controversies is endless.

Here are some of the many controversies involving Kamal Hasan:

  1. Hindu Terror Remark

This is one of the recent controversies of Kamal Hasan, which created quite an uproar. Kamal Hasan was quoted as saying, ‘Gone are the days when Hindu Right-Wing outfits shied away from use of force and violence and resorted to terror.’ His Hindu terror remark is sure to win him many detractors.

  1. Vishwaroopam

This movie was embroiled in controversies right from its inception. First Hindu outfits expressed their angst regarding the Sanskrit title. Later, Muslim clerics and organizations expressed their angst regarding anti-Muslim sequences portrayed in the movie. Finally, after much delay, the movie got the green-light. It is to be seen the number of controversies that Vishwaroopam 2 will court, post its release.

  1. Hey Ram!

Hey Ram hit in to the censorship huddle because the movie apparently portrayed Gandhi in a negative light. The movie chronicled the assassination of Mahatma of the Nation. The movie went on to win several National Awards.

  1. Two-timing while married

Kamal Hasan was already married with Sarika and had two kids when he began flirting with Sarika’s friend Goutami. Sarika filed for divorce immediately once Kamal Hasan’s infidelity became common knowledge. But being the player he is, Kamal was three-timing both Goutami and Sarika, as he also had an affair with his
young co-star Simran Bagga.

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