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Meet India’s most corrupt politician who owns mall in Dubai & flats in Birmingham

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • August 5, 2017
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Tax sleuths continued to search properties linked to Energy Minister D K Shivakumar, his family and friends in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mandya and Hassan. They concentrated on the premises of his family astrologer Dwarakanth ‘Guruji’ in Bengaluru, MLC S Ravi in Kanakapura and his father-in-law Thimmaiah in Mysuru. Ravi is also related to Shivakumar. The action against the Congress strongman began early on Wednesday and continued late into the night on Thursday.

The coordinated action has led to the seizure of documents relating to his various businesses, besides bank statements and cheques. Sources said the documents reveal investments in Singapore and other foreign locations, and a property deal involving the son of a former chief minister from the BJP. A note maintained by Shivakumar came to light later in the day; it purportedly talks about Rs 3 crore being paid to the Congress high command through a hawala channel.

We Indians are not completed shocked by the figure in DK’s residence but what is shocking is that how did he have a huge amount of cash in fresh currencies after demonetisation. Indeed, this is a big question because Sonia Gandhi had opposed demonetisation saying that people are unable to get money for their basic needs also. How will people get cash when all the money is hidden in bungalows and apartments owned by DK?

Sources also revealed that he had properties in Singapore, a mall in Dubai and even in a house Birmingham near London. It is also said that in a building, he owned 125 flats. The minister’s salary is not in crores but the properties he possesses are in thousands of crores. Why shout Vendetta politics? If DK is innocent than prove the same.

The opposition is busy hurling stones at the IT offices and blocking public transport. This frustration is expected but will Congress give clarification on, from where so many crores of amounts was found at various properties of DK Shivakumar? Rahul Gandhi once withdraws Rs 4000 from one of the ATMs and said that everyone is worst hit by demonetisation. But after withdrawing the amount he went on a foreign trip. Will opposition give the source for all these cash recovered in DK’s house?

As per the data, DK is the second richest minister in the nation with assets worth Rs 251 crore. ED Director has spoken to the DG-IT Department on the matter concerning the series of conducted on Karnataka Power Minister DK Shivakumar’s house. I-T Department would be sharing a report with the ED after the raid is completed. Lokayuktha had registered a case against DK Shivakumar but later it was dropped as High Court intervened.


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