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Meet the woman who saved hundreds of lives

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 13, 2018
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You must have read about the recent fiasco involving two major airlines that took place mid-air a few days back.

A Vistara flight, due to some air traffic control room confusion suddenly descended downwards to a worrying altitude of around 27,000, hence bringing it face-to-face with an Air India flight which was veering upwards.

Anupama Kohli, an Air India woman pilot, reacted immediately after receiving an alarm on her dashboard and steered her aircraft upwards thus avoiding a major mid-air collision. Her quick-thinking and spontaneous decision saved the lives of over 200 flyers. It was indeed a close save for both the aircrafts, as they were just a 100-feet away from each other.

Reports suggest, the Pune bound Vistaara flight was ferrying around 152 passengers whereas the Air India flight was carrying around 103 passengers and was on its way to Bhopal.

Vistaara Airlines have accepted their fault and have currently grounded both the responsible pilots while an investigation is currently underway.

We, at the Fearless India, salute Anupama for her quick-thinking nature which averted what could have been one of the deadliest air-crashes of our era. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes, some save lives with their amazing sixth sense.

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