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Modi-Fied Strategies- Slammed Brakes on Pakistan’s Economy

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • June 15, 2020
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Another Article of mine amidst these Corona times where our Leadership PM Modi has converted the Adversity into Opportunities by giving a Prphertic call of becoming A Self Reliant Nation with Sustainable Development Goals along with Balanced Regional Development throughout India based on three important Aspects 
1.Heath Care for All– Affordable 
2.Education for All
3 Employment For All
4.Justice For All..

Let me Now Give you all a detailed Analysis on How our Geo-political Strategies & Diplomacy followed by our PM Modi breaking the 70years of Nehruvian Legacy of Terror Apologists & Acceeding to the demands & pleasing Neighbors overlooked our Nation’s Requirements– A shift of Thought Process in Strengthening our Stand by creating a Space for ourselves as Emerging Nations of the world’s Economies..& now moving towards Self-Reliance..indeed A Visionary Leadership Pre Covid Era of Pakistan–Pakistan was declared as one of the Performing Economies by so called Bloomberg in July 2016 Asia& it also named the Pakistan Stock Exchange as best Trading Markets in a report citing or rather Glorified  it had regained A powerful Position in that region, how manipulated  & full of falsified  Notion created around.According to report, Pakistan along with the countries with Emerging Markets status would create opportunities for foreign investment, in their hallucination & Artificial Hype which was created by certain Media reports which described Pakistan was emerging as Powerful Leaders in that Region, How awfully these Leftists & So called Lutyens media which gave a Shout out to the  Islamic Republic & also  created a Gloomy Narrative for  their own country.  “Move over, India., Pakistan was the Enemy Nation, this was well deliberated & duly carried by our Leadership time to time taking Pakistan Head on & Showing their Exit from Terror Sympathizers, through one of the most Historical implementations of Abrogation of Article 370, which Pakistan still cant digest & also by Proxies sitting inside our Nation.
The Various  Policies which Strangulated the Economy of Pakistan–let me give you All a brief yet comprehensive Analysis…!!

Pall cast Gloom–indeed A Gloomy Picture in 2020 where Pakistan is facing highest inflation rate in world, putting immense pressure on this dirt poor country of 212 million people. The same Bloomberg which had heralded the emergence of Pakistan, now admits it has the worst performing currency in Asia.  With the Pakistan government’s own Economic Survey,painting a dismal picture of the domestic economy, all signs are that Terroristan is sinking.

Why Nothing seems to work in favor of Islamabad,which was it’s own  doing.  This move backfired totally & also increased inflation further up,and  also killed their industrial growth & services because private sector stopped borrowing expensive capital
How our Leadership which is dynamic,Aggressive, Bold with Reforms send Shivers down the Spine when our PM Modi decided to take head on the Exporter of Terror, Pakistan with his Clever Diplomacy & also with his Muscle & Might which also send Shivers to Terror Apologists inside Our Nation, the so called Jaichands, sitting inside the Valley & Capital city.
Disruptions caused due to DEMONETIZATION.

PM Modi had Implemented Bold & StructuralReforms in 2016,Curbing the fake Indian currency Trade to bring  more transparency  & widening Tax Base & Curbing Tax Terrorism which emanated out of Pakistan & financed their economy & vast terrorism industry. The fake Indian currency business was very critical to Pakistani economy which had the  capacity of  currency printing presses in Karachi and Peshawar was more towards installed capacity of RBI’s Mudran Press in Mysore/Bank Note Press, Nashik.

Indus Water Treaty — A Paradigm Shift
Pakistan’s Farmers faced severe drought in the border areas due to lack of water for Crops. More than decades Pakistani farmers took advantage of leakages in Indira Gandhi Canal, Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district,had allowed them to grow a variety of crops.In 2015, A discrepancy was found in the form of leak, especially in the  canal area  of Daulatpura,in the Sri Ganganagar area, few months after PM Modi’s arrival,Government conducted a test in 2017 &  declared that Pakistani farmers were no longer getting  free ‘”water supply’” from India. The drastic effect on the weak Pakistan economy must be considerable as  areas bordering India are mostly barren desert,Without water from India, there will be no more Farming activities which can be conducted in those regions without water.
Lot of Sufferings were inflicted on to Pakistan’s  Economy in 2018 when India declared that it will fast-track three projects, which includes construction of two dams, to stop the unutilised water of its share under  Indus Waters Treaty. This would damage  an entire sowing season in Pakistan in the coming years. An Excellent Step  when  300 mn Indians are facing a water crisis, it has taken a Political will more than 60years,to take such a drastic step for our Nation to quench its Citizens thirst.

Trade Conflicts
The Status of cancellation of MFN (most favoured nation)  to Pakistan & closing all trade routes due to Pulwama terror attack in February 2019 has resulted in losses of billions of dollars & 100s of job days. Aftermath of Pulwama, the Modi Sarkar has made efforts to  Crumble Pakistani economy by increasing duties on essential product, primary exports to India were fresh fruits, cement, petroleum products, bulk minerals and ores and finished leather, 200 %duty increase on imports from Pakistan has ensured that there exists no Trade, Pakistan will no longer be  able to import cotton from India, its textile industry has taken severe blow. It is now getting Costlier supplies from  US, Australia & Egypt. For any  trade Activities it is the weaker country which  gets bruised. Pakistan isn’t among India’s top 35 exporters & importers. On the other hand, India stands in the seventh place in Pakistan’s list of top 10 Nations from where it imports. 

Balakote Strike 
The Turning Point  was the most Bold & Structural strike by 12 Indian Air Force fighter jets on Balakote, deep into the  Pakistani territory, which caused lasting damage. Not ableto detect IAF aircraft in the radar,Pakistan closed its airspace for weeks, leading to heavy losses. An Research study of operations by Pakistani & other  foreign carriers between February and last leg of June showed that 400/ day flights which  were impacted by  closure, which resulted a loss of $100 million (Rs 688 crore) for Islamabad,the local run Pakistan International Airlines suffered losses heavily $460,000 a day due to suspension of flights to international destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok & Delhi.

Expansion of Gulf Territory 
The Gulf states used to be Pakistan’s primary – albeit grudging – benefactors. The reason was that in most of these emirates, the sheikhs don’t trust their own people with defence and security. Saudi Arabia, for instance, used to hire Pakistan Air Force pilots to man the Royal Saudi Air Force. Pakistan Army soldiers and officers were stationed in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. However, in view of the increasing radicalisation of the Pakistan military, there is growing fear among Gulf leaders that Pakistanis will infect Arab soldiers and citizens with the virus of jehad. Consequently, most of the Gulf states got rid of the Pakistanis in their defence and security establishments.

In 2016, Saudi security forces busted  a terror plot in which two Pakistanis were held for plotting to explode Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah where more than 60,000 spectators had gathered to watch a soccer match between the national teams of the Kingdom and the UAE. The most important Decision of Saudi Arabia which deported around  40,000 Pakistanis on the grounds of Security, which definitely  showed the Hardest stance towards its traditional Ally, Kuwait, which used to be mostly pro-Pakistani – Anti-Indian – sheiks in the Gulf, banned would-be immigrants from Pakistan & also from applying for Visas.

The strong anti-Pakistani actions comes in the light of improving strategic ties between the sheiks and India. PM Modi has been awarded the highest civilian awards by both the UAE & Saudi Arabia, reflecting the highest esteem that  he enjoys in that region, $15 billion planned investment by Saudi Aramco in Reliance Industries is indeed no way a  small measure due to India’s Diplomatic push, Show as a Emerging Partner in that Sphere too.
The thought Process towards large-scale investment in India has to be a downgrading & downplaying of ties with Pakistan. This is the reason why Gulf states are drawing fewer workers from Pakistan, but significantly they aren’t interested to provide Pakistan with unlimited funds. However, they will drop some amount of Humanity towards Pakistan to keep it alive as we shouldnot forget that Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal is duly paid for by Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are the real owners of the Islamic Bomb. But our PM Modis Strategy of Geo-Political is such Strong that Saudis have also got the Feelers of our Muscle & Might especially of getting Rafale Deal done & Strengthening our Ties Globally & also in outer Space too.

Gulf states are very much bearish on Pakistani Economy, investors from  West &  Asia are also adopting a wait and watch policy.PM Modi’s  Strong Policy towards Pakistan has indeed played a key role in exposing the country’s as an exporter of terror. The Great Nations of the western  World,  though they are AdAlso, don’t forget that even today they have an atavistic sympathy for Pakistan, which they know was created to serve Western interests against Russia.

A strong action by India to Send a clear cut Message  to the Western world,for their complacency. The surgical strikes by the Indian Army in 2016 was the first Shiver & A Bold Message which exposed Pakistan’s role in exporting terror. The IAF’s deep strike at a terrorist training factory in 2019 Showed it  to the world that Pakistan was No doubt a safe haven for terrorists, rather a breeding place for all Terror Activities.India becoming A Favorite Destination for Global Investments.

Global investors are very Positive by sentiments & India’s decisive Acts have made them Ponder around to the view that Pakistan is a dangerous place to invest  down their cash in. Nobody likes to invest in Red Zone. If that wasn’t enough, Pakistani capital is also fleeing Nation as the situation on the ground goes from bad to worse. This is why money is fleeing from  Pakistan outside, who have Championed into Money Laundering Activities,  & thereby Blaming other Nations Intent…Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Daante..

The Game of Thrones is Exposed–
So we can expect Islamabad to send peace Messages, which will be amplified by its useful idiots in India. The leftist journalists, Pseudo seculars &  former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan will write columns asking PM Modi to “give peace a chance”. They will launch into high-Magnitude Campaigns on TV, saying this is Gandhi’s India, who otherwise never cared for his Ideas of Swachch Bharat, Self-Reliant Economy, Especially Villages becoming Self-Sustained or Indulging into lending a Helping hand towards the People affected with this Pandemic Conditions..

Let’s maintain our Pressure & Same momentum on the Enemy Nation-Pakistan which is going down otherwise, just like the Soviet Union imploded due to Moscow’s foolhardy “Arms Race” with the US despite having half of America’s GDP. Pakistan Army is making the same Age old mistake – in the middle of Global Pandemic–The Coronavirus lockdown when everyone in the world was taking a pay cut, Pakistan Army demanded a 20% increase in its Budget outlay of Expenditure.
India should Indulge  Pakistan to Commit Drastic mistakes by making it to increase Defence spending by making aggressive moves along the LoC. Regular intrusions by Indian fighter jets into Pakistani airspace interspersed with occasional surgical strikes by the Indian Army will Send Shivers to  the Pakistani establishment &  Create Confusions in their decision making capacity. They will commit the same mistakes that communists in Moscow made & brought down the mighty USSR. Pakistan Can Roar in Papers or in Tweets showing their utter Frustration & Fear in comparison & Automatically will collapse on its own. Now is the time to increase the pressure. Now is not the time to show our Muscle & Might…which our PM Modi is  a Champion of Constructing Geo-political Strategies especially in dealing with Pakistan’s Proxy war, & signaling the world we are Strong enough to Handle our Tough Neighbors in the Same Tone & Tenor they Understand, which we have been following with India-China Face off too.Come what may, we Will get Gilgit-Baltistan & very Soon the Countries which are trying to Show our Land as their Territories be it Nepal, China, or Pakistan,  Nehruvian Era History will be Rewritten through MODI-FIED Strategies…!!

A Clarion call for  #AtmaNirbharBharat makes us all to Channelize our Local Resources Available, & Work towards this Mission Statement of  making our Nation move towards $5Trillion Economy Cruizing along W-Shaped & V-Shaped Trajectory…
Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed 
Jai Hind 
Dr.Sukanya Subbanna Iyer 

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