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Modi Tujhe Salaam! Prime Minister finds a New Admirer

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 7, 2017
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It’s almost a year since we were introduced to the word – Demonetization.

Also, almost a year since we stood in unending queues to withdraw or deposit our own money. Well, the difficult phase is behind us and its possible that soon we might reap benefits of that bold move.

Many lauded the PM for this historic move. And one such renowned individual who spoke in favour of Demonetization is none other than Music Maestro – A.R Rahman.

The Mozart of Madras, has now composed a song on the widely debated Demonetization move. The song titled – The Flying Lotus – chronicles the various details of that particular period and the rise of India, and what might transpire in the near future, as a result of demonetization.

The Grammy Award Winner said, that he has tried an optimistic approach towards Demonetization without being biased about it. He has incorporated both, the good and bad effects of the decision, in his song. Also, the SlumDog Millionaire composer has used the words– digitization, cashless economy, in the song with addition to PM Modi’s speech on Demonetization.

When questioned if he is happy with PM Modi’s Government and the demonetization decision, the composer replied in the affirmative. He will be presenting the album to Prime Minister and other important public-figures.

Irrespective of the outcome of demonetization, one thing is certain; Prime Minister Modi has found an ardent and significant follower in A.R Rahman!

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