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Modi’s Doctrine of foreign Policy !

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  • March 9, 2018
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Foreign policy of Prime Minister Modi has set an example for world, almost no leader stands tall as Modi in comparison to foreign policy as Modi does.

Even before he formally took charge of office Modi, Prime Minister elect, had made his maiden foreign policy statement by inviting all the  heads of government of India’s neighbors.

Soon after the Modi took over P5 Nations expressed their willingness to work with Modi as India is largest emerging market for other nation. All P5 Nations has sent their envoy to meet government of India in first 100 days of forming Modi government . Sushma sawaraj one of senior most leaders of BJP handles the external affairs,  after Indira Gandhi She is first woman to handle this portfolio.

Modi Government has always focused on improving relations with ASEAN Countries and also Neighborhood first policy has been priority to Modi government ,

He also have asked the ISRO for developing SAARC Satellite  for sharing the information technology like tele-medicine, e-learning etc.

Below are three innovative project which are worth mentioning among all other credible project by government.

IOR Project – The Indian Ocean region has been considered as  nautical backyard, steadily turning into a hotspot because of  growing Chinese strategic presence over the archipelagos. To counter the  moves made by China as initiative of President Xi’s pet Maritime Silk Road project, India started to reach out its maritime neighbors in the indian ocean region with proposals of enhanced economic and security cooperation, the policy was unfold by Sri Lankan President during his visit to New Delhi 2015.

Project Mausam-  has been introduced which will focus on the ancient trade and cultural linkages and emphasize on future maritime cooperation in the Indian Ocean region stretching from Southeast Asia to East Africa with the central location of India, to counter growing Chinese naval activity.

Para Diplomacy -An innovative initiative of Modi government is the introduction of elements of international relations conducted by subnational or regional governments on their own, known as Para Diplomacy.  India’s foreign policy where each states and cities would be encouraged to forge special relation with countries or federal states of another country or even cities of their interest in order.

Tackling Emergency situation

There has been emergency cases where Modi government acted every efficiently, like in Iraq where 46 Indian nurses were abducted and later they were freed and flown back to India due to relentless effort by our external Affair minister Sushma Swaraj

In similar, situation in Libya many Indian nationals are stranded because of the armed conflict that broke in Benghazi . Swaraj informed parliament that her ministry was evaluating all possibilities to secure the safe evacuation of all Indians stranded in both Iraq and Libya. A chartered flight from Djerba, Tunisia brought over 200 nationals back to India. A further 216 nationals left on 8 August, with a total of another 1,500 nationals having been evacuated from there.

Operation Rahat saved hundred of Non residential Indians located there, MOS external Affairs General VK singh himself personally oversaw the oper.ation right from the battle ground of Sana’s and Aden in Yemen

The operation was highly successful and received huge appreciation from across the globe as it rescued not only Indians but thousands of foreigners stranded in the war torn country too.

Well these were few feathers to cap of Modi government in aspect of Foreign diplomacy .

Jaya Chowdhury

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