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In Mumbai, a No Rent, No Sale of Flats to ‘Muslims’ Diktat?

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  • October 11, 2017
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Last week, I ran in to one of my childhood friends. It is not imperative here to mention the religion of this friend, but for the purpose of this article, I am compelled to do so.

My friend is a Muslim who shared his flat searching woes with me. He was looking for a flat in a cosmopolitan society, but was unable to find one, due to the unofficial ban on selling flats to Muslims in such neighbourhoods.

I was shocked to know that even in 2017 we have such regressive ideologies against a particular section of the society.

How can societies and builders declare an unofficial ban on the sale of flats to a community, is beyond my understanding?

Few years back, I had come across a newspaper report which chronicled the struggles of Bollywood Superstar – Emraan Hashmi – to find a flat in Bandra-Mumbai, owing to his religion.

Bandra is known for its upscale properties, complete with slick city-fellas.  It is also home to many renowned Bollywood celebrities. Racism in one of Mumbai’s renowned cosmopolitan, commercial and residential hub is indeed appalling.

A similar problem was faced by renowned Telly Star – Eijaz Khan. He was unable to get a rent accommodation due to his religion.

Such diktats in the current era, is indeed detrimental to our society. Right to Property is an integral part of our constituency and needs to be adhered to by one and all, if we wish to sustain this democracy.

If one of Bollywood’s top-stars faces such issues, I wonder how my poor middle-class friend can possibly get a flat in Mumbai.

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