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Must Read: G20 Summit— A T-20 Finish

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • December 5, 2018
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A Thought Process amidst Elections Frenzy in Five Important States of India, penning down my Observations on G20 Summit 2019, held at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before I get into the details, while I Sip my favourite Specially Brewed Filter Coffee, I would like to share some Insights from Chanakya’s Neeti—on King or The Kingmaker, this is with reference to our PM Modi who after finishing his Hectic schedule of Campaigning in India, rushing to Argentina, for attending G20 Summit, Amazing Energy for Nation, Zeal & Zest towards his Policy implementation for 132cr. Indians, is simply unmatchable, can’t be described in few words. The Quote–

“Power is not just in the Position, that one has. A Truly Powerful person is the one who brings you to the Position of Power”.

The above extract is very much apt for our PM Modi, Who has empowered every Indian, by instituting & implementing Pro- Vikas Agendas for Upliftment of Common Man, he gave us two Buzzwords—”Connect & Connectivity”, & most importantly launched NM App, where you can be in touch with 24 hrs day in & day out with his work & Indeed he encourages to be part of his Policy making decisions, in the form of Suggestions. Now tell me friends, was I not right in quoting those words of Chanakya for our PM.

Let me give you all A brief Background on G20 Summit—

The G20 brings together 19 countries plus the EU. G20 members, account for over 80%, of the world’s largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) & they host almost two-thirds of the world’s Population. The G20 was founded in 1999 & expanded in 2008, amidst, the Global Financial crisis to increase International Economic Co-operation. Since then, G20 members have been meeting annually to discuss a wide range of issues related to economic & Financial Co-operation.

The EU as a G20 Member

The European Union is a full member of the G20 alongside four of its member states: France, Germany, Italy & the United Kingdom. In addition, Spain is a permanent invitee of the G20. The EU has its own seat at the G20 table as it is one of the world’s largest Global Economic areas with Specific Competencies in trade matters, Economic Policy, & Financial regulations, development, Energy & Climate Change.

About the G20 Presidency:

Argentina currently holds the G20s Presidency. Its theme is building consensus for fair & Sustainable development with 4 key Priorities.

The future of work

Infrastructure for Development

Food Security

Gender Equality

The G20 brings together 19 countries plus the EU G20 members account for over 80%, of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), & they host almost two-thirds of the world’s Population. The G20 was established in 2008 amidst the Global Financial crisis to increase international economic co-operation. Since then G20 members have been meeting annually to discuss a wide range of issues related to Economic & Financial co-operation. The EU is a full member of the G20 alongside four of its member states: France, Germany, Italy & the United Kingdom. In addition, Spain is a Permanent invitee of the G20. The EU has its own seat at the table as it is one of the largest Global Economic areas with specific competences in Trade matters, economic policy, & Financial regulation, Development, Energy & climate change.


G20 Summit 2018

This Year’s G20 gathering is expected to be one of the most consequential Summits since the group’s leaders first met in 2008 to plan how to contain the Economic Crisis. Argentina, this year’s G20 summit, has stressed the importance of Summit as a Consensus- building Forum. But the divisions on the final communique have only highlighted, how fractured the grouping has become on key global issues.

Key Issues at the Summit

Leaders discussed the Global Economy, the future of Labour Markets & Gender Equality issues. Various Macroeconomic Policies, the Digital Economy, Reform of the World Trade Organization, Financial regulation, Taxation & Trade issues.

India, Russia, China Held Trilateral talks after 12 Years

The Russia-India-China (RIC), meeting came hours after PM Modi, his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe & US President Donald Trump held their first Trilateral meetings on the margins of the Summit. Leaders of India, China & Russia called for reforming multilateral institutions, including the UN & the World Trade Organisation, as they underscored the benefits of a multilateral trading system & an open world Economy for Global Growth & Prosperity during a Trilateral meeting held after a gap of 12 years, discussed co-operation in various areas.

Our PM Modi after the Trilateral meet expressed his viewpoints “Excellent meeting of the RIC (Russia, India, China) Trilateral. President Putin, President Xi Jinping & I discussed a wide range of subjects that would further cement the friendship between our nations & enhance world Peace”.

The three leaders have also agreed to have regular consultations to jointly promote International & regional Peace & Stability, to strengthen co-operation through BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China,& South Africa)the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) & the East Asia Summit (EAS) mechanisms, to address global challenges such as terrorism & Climate change, & to encourage peaceful resolution of all differences, the statement added, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, said the meeting was characterized by Warmth & Positivity. The three leaders also discussed co-operation & Co-coordination, in various areas, which could contribute to Global Peace & Stability, Kumar said, adding that the ‘RIC’, trilateral summit took place after a gap of 12 years. Earlier, India, Japan & US also discussed major issues of Global & Multilateral interests in their first trilateral meeting, which assumed importance in the wake of China flexing its muscles in the strategic Indo-Pacific region. At the meeting, India underscored towards enhancing ties with Indo-Pacific Region, for Growth. Asserting that India will “Continue to work together on Shared Values”. PM Modi Opined.

PM Modi, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, & US President Donald Trump had a meeting in Argentina’s Buenos Aires, an Event which came against the backdrop of China’s rising influence. The three countries are part of the so-called Quad, the fourth member being Australia. PM Modi, PM Abe, President Trump, appealed for an open & Inclusive Indo-Pacific region where the Chinese Presence has steadily grown. Responding to the meeting between the three leaders, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said: “We remain open to normal co-operation among relevant Parties we hope such co-operation will promote mutual trust &Co-Operation in this region & play a constructive role in Promoting the development of Peace & Prosperity in the region,” He added.

The First such Trilateral was an extension of Japan & US Bilateral & was dubbed as “JAI”, — an Acronym for Japan, America & India, which in India means Success said PM Modi, according to me only he can think of such Positive Acronyms. The Three leaders also reaffirmed the importance of the Free Trade & Open Indo-Pacific Vision for Global Stability, Prosperity & Pledged to deepen trilateral co-operation.” India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.


“JAI” okay if it Promotes Peace: China

Look How Our PM Modis Geo-Political Strategization, made China to speak Positively & Cautiously, to the Trilateral meet between India, Japan & the US on the sidelines of the just-concluded G20 Summit, saying Beijing was okay to such a set-up if it did not disturb peace in the region.

Now Let’s Analyse Trump & Xi’s Outcome to end US-China Trade war

The Leaders of the world’s two largest Economies, Donald Trump & Xi jinping, met face-to-face in Argentina. Mr. Trump agreed to hold on plans to raise Tariffs on January 1on $200 billion in Chinese Goods. Mr. Xi agreed to buy a “not yet agreed upon, but very substantial amount of agricultural, energy, Industrial”, & other Products from the US to reduce America’s huge Trade Deficit with China the White House said. The Ceasefire will buy time for the two countries to workout their differences in a dispute over Beijing’s aggressive drive to supplant US Technological Dominance.

Saudi Prince Under Pressure: There were some otherwise moments, for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as some leaders called him out over the Gruesome October killing of dissident Saudi Newspaper, Columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the country’s Consulate in Istanbul. French President Emmanuel Macron was on Video seemingly lecturing Mr. Bin Salman, heard him saying, “Iam worried”, You Never Listen to me”. Mr. Macron said the crown prince only “took Note” of his concerns. British PM Theresa May also said “She Pressed Mr. Bin Salman. But it was not all bad for Saudi crown prince, as he was not shunned by the gathering’s on 1st day, as he & Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a hearty grip & grin as two seemingly revelled in their shared status as relative outcasts. US Intelligence Agencies concluded the Saudi Prince was behind the Murder, But Saudi Arabia denies he played a role.

Ukraine Conflict:

Western Leaders also confronted Russia’s recent Seizure of Ukrainian Naval Vessels & Crews, but the diplomatic Pressure did not seem to bring either side closer to solving the conflict. Russia & Ukraine have accused each other of being responsible for the standoff. US President also highlighted that due to Russia’s actions as the reason that he cancelled a planned meeting, with Mr. Putin on the Side-lines of the Summit. EU Council President Donald Tusk sharply criticized “Russia’s Aggression” against Ukraine. Mr. Putin tried to convince Mr. Trump & the leaders of France & Germany that Russia’s actions were Justified—even pulling out a piece of paper & drawing a map of the disputed area to make his point.

Climate Change:  The Final Communique signed by all 20 Nations, said 19 of them reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. The only one country on the hold was US, which has withdrawn from the pact under Mr. Trump. But this was welcomed by Environmental Groups as welcome News. “The G20 leaders signed up to the Paris Agreement reaffirmed their commitment to its full implementation in the resulting communique is important, the world wildlife Fund said,” It is also a reflection of the Argentinian Government rightly making climate an important topic on the Agenda.


More than two years of negotiations, Mr. Trump signed a revised North American Trade Pact with the leaders of Canada & Mexico on the Side-lines of the Summit. But Mr. Trump said on the way back to Washington that he plans to formally terminate NAFTA, so Congress will have to choose between accepting new Pact or going without a Trade agreement.

The Host country had lowered its expectations ahead of the Summit, stating the fact that it might not be possible to reach a concurrent solution for a final settlement. Mr. Thomas Bernes said “The G20 veered all over the Road”

G20 Summit Concluded with a Positive Note by G20 Leaders to fight Climate Change, India to Host G20 Summit 2022 0n the eve of 75th year of India’s Independence. The Theme of the Summit was “Building Consensus for Fair & Sustainable Development”. The leaders of the Group agreed to fix the world Trading system, however, only19, agreed to support the Paris Accord on fighting climate change

India’s Representation at the Summit—PM Modi Streamlined 9-Point Agenda & also held talks with various leaders.

Nine Point Agenda—

  1. Strong & Active Co-operation across G20 Nations to deal comprehensively fugitive Economic Offenders.
  2. Co-operation in the legal process such as effective freezing of the Proceeds of crime, early return of the offenders& efficient representation of the proceeds of crime should effectively streamlined
  3. Joint effort by G20 countries, to form a mechanism that denies entry & safe havens for Fugitive Economic Offenders.
  4. Principles of United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), UNCATC, especially related to International Co-operation should be effectively implemented.
  5. FATF should be called upon to assign priority 7 Focus to establishing timely & Comprehensive information on competent authorities, & FIUs
  6. FATF should be tasked to formulate a standard definition of Fugitive Economic Offenders.
  7. FATF (Financial Action Task Force) should also develop a set of commonly agreed & standardised procedures related to dealing with Fugitive Economic offenders to provide guidance, & assistance to G20 Countries.
  8. Common Platform should be set up for sharing experiences& best Practices Including successful cases of extradition, reduce the gaps in existing system of legal assistance & Extradition.
  9. G20 Forum should consider initiating work on locating properties of Economic offenders who have a Tax debt in the country of their residence for its recovery.


Informal BRICS Meeting

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa met on Nov30th 2018., for the annual Informal BRICS Leaders Meeting on the margins of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Leaders discussed on International, Political, Security, & Global Economic- Financial issues as well as Challenges facing Sustainable development. They assured full support for Multilateral Trading system, as embodied in the WTO, to ensure Transparent, non-discriminatory, open & Inclusive International Trade.

During the Closing ceremony of the 13th G20 Summit in Argentinian Capital Buenos Aires, PM Modi made an announcement that for the first time India will host the annual G-20 Summit in 2022, which coincides with 75th anniversary of Independence. Plans for 2022: G20meet, UNSC, Bullet Train, Indian in Space. While announcing the G20 Summit, PM Modi thanked Italy for allowing India to play the Host, as Italy was to host the International forum of the World’s top 20 Economies in 2022. The 14th edition will be held in Japan while Saudi Arabia will host the 15th.

As we all know, India will be Celebrating 75th year of Independence in 2022, NDA Government Led by PM Modi has chosen this Particular year to make its mark on the International Scene, besides India also aims to become a Non-permanent UNSC member & also intends to send a Man into Space in 2022. Friends, As we all know that Nation goes to Polls for Lok Sabha in 2019,I think the most important & significant achievement of Modi Sarkar Apart from  Instituting & Implementing Economic& Social Welfare measures towards upliftment of 132cr. Indians, through various Flagship Programmes for people, most Importantly is  360 degree approach of India’s Geo-Political Strategization across the World, putting India in PERSPECTIVE & earned a Tag of Emerging Markets of the world, as Mark Mobius, Investment Guru, Emerging Markets Guru, he is the Person who gave India this Tag & Applauded PM Modis Bold & structural Economic Reforms, followed by other worlds Accredited Agencies  & Economists.

PM Modis Geo-Political Strategization, is so Proactive, Pragmatic, & Path-breaking the diplomatic initiatives & outreach of the Government of India led by PM Modi in 2015, the neighbourhood Policy especially Historic agreement with Bangladesh, was completed, & India rushed to assist Nepal after a devastating Earthquake. The Afghan President came calling, while relations while Sri Lanka receive a great impetus. Our PM visiting advanced Economies of the world, US, China, France, Britain & Russia, Japan paving the way for Multi-Pronged strategies with all these countries. There are many such engagements indulged by Modi Sarkar in last 4.5 years, for enhancing Nations Preparedness, For Ease of Doing Business in India, as better compliance, Improved FDI, Empowering Make In India initiatives, Skill India, Digital India Initiatives with key Countries have reflected this requirement. Recently the newly Elected Maldivian President Mr. Mohd Solih invited PM Modi as only Head of the Nation in the world, to be invited for Oath taking ceremony, & Not to Forget PM of Israel calling him as “Dost” recreating & Rescripting an Historic Visit to Israel, to invite Innovative Techniques to India, & Many more such stories of Geo-Political Strategies of Modi Sarkar which gave a new Dimension & Made INDIA a powerful Nation & Tough Negotiator as put by President of US Donald Trump for our PM Modi.


As we move towards 2019, India will see A golden Era, where all the Policies implemented by Modi Sarkar, will take off & A Pay Back time for Indian Economy to reap the benefits of Economic Reforms of all sorts. My 100% Vote for Modi Sarkar on all the above Policies as a Tax-payer, as a Citizen who has many aspirations for New India, A Better India, A Cleaner India, A Greener & A Healthier Nation.


Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed

Salutations to our Brave Warriors

Jai Hind

Dr. S. Sukanya Iyer


















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