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Must Read: PM Modi &President Xi-Summit:India Redefining & Re-Chartering Geo-Political Relationships with China

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • May 7, 2018
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As I Venture into writing another Blog of Mine, under severities of Summer, sipping some cold Coffee, would firstly cite some” Sutras of Chanakya, the Great Strategist”, of Foreign Policy— Chanakya Says,

“Foreign Policy is Deployment of the Same (Four-Fold means) towards Neighbouring States. Neighbouring States are the source of Treaties & Hostilities. Economic Prosperity creates Prosperity for the People. Deployment of four-Fold Policy (Conciliation, Donation, Division, &Punishment) in one’s own country is Internal Administration.

Applying the quotes in Modern day Context, we may agree that these principles which constitute a strong & Extraordinary basis in Political Ethics are so very Powerful & Rewarding.Similarly, our PM Modi Who has Mastered the art of establishing Ge-Political Relationships in his own stride, with all the above Traits mentioned are Present Inside him, & very well Executed duly whenever & Wherever required by him.

Friends, Before I get into the details of this Summit, I would like to Throw some light on India-China, it’s also called as Indo-Sino relations—

Cultural & Economic ties date back to ancient times. The SilkRoad not only served as a Major trade route between India & China, but its also credited for facilitating the spread of Buddhism from India to EastAsia. During the 19th Century, China’s Growing Opium Trade with the East India Company, triggered the 1st& 2ndOpiumWars. During World War II, India & China both played a crucial role in halting the progress of imperial Japan. In Modern days, Relations between India & China have resulted in three Military Conflicts-the Sino-Indian War of 1962, the Chola Incident in 1967, & the 1987 Sin-Indian Skirmish. In early 2017, the two Nations clashed at the Doklam Plateau along with the disputed Sino- Bhutanese Border. However, Since the late 1980’s both tried to Revive their Diplomatic Ties. In 2008, China became India’s largest Trading Partner & the two countries have also extended their strategic & Military Relationships.

The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, was one of the top world leaders to visit New Delhi after PM Modi took over as PM of India in 2014. India’s Insistence to raise South China Sea in Various Multilateral forums subsequently, but that did not help that beginning once again, the relationship facing suspicion from Indian Administration & Media.Before I go into the details of this Article, let me tell you all about Doklam & India -China border Standoff.

The Tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan that sounded the Alarm—Chinese Soldiers had arrived with Bulldozers & Excavators, were building a High Mountain Road near India’s Border in an area the two Nuclear- Armed Giants have Disputed over for decades. India responded to the call by sending troops to evict the Chinese Army Construction Company from the Doklam Plateau. Within a few days, Indian Media were running leaked Video Footage of Soldiers from both Sides Shoving another. India & China have frequently faced off Since the 1962 war that ended with China seizing control of some Territory. The Land in question spans about b269 Sq. Kms., on a sparsely Populated Plateau in western Bhutan, which has no diplomatic ties with China & Co-ordinates its relations with Beijing through New Delhi.  For India, Securing the Doklam Plateau is seen as Essential to maintaining its Control over a land Corridor that connects to its remote North Eastern States. India also expressed the fact at that point of time-the Chinese Road Project threatens its access to the Corridor, while China has questioned, Why India Should even have a say in a matter that concerns between Beijing & Bhutan.  At that Point of time China was frustrated with India’s refusal to sign on to a massive effort to build railways, Ports & Roads, reaching from Asia to Europe & Middle-East. The Project also includes, a China- Pakistan Economic Development Programme aimed at absorbing as much as $46billion in Investment, most of it from Chinese banks.

Now Let Me give you all a detailed Description on Modi-Xi Summit—Enhancing their Economic Ties-

PM Modi & Meets Chinese President Xi jinping in an informal Summit in Wuhan on 27th April 2018, with an aim to settle their differences which were strained after 2017, Doklam crisis. This was the first Informal Summit with President Xi in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan. The First Informal Summit between Modi & Xi was being seen as an effort by India & China to rebuild trust & improve ties that were hurt & hit by DoKlam standoff. This is the 4th Visit of PM Modi to China, after he came to power since 2014. He will also be visiting China to take Part in Shanghai Cooperation organisation (SCO), to be held at Qingdao City on 9-10 June.  Our PM Modi offered to host that the next Informal visit India by next Year, a Proposal which illustrated a positive response from the Chinese President. PM Modi also hailed the Centuries old Indo-Sino relationships, in Conversation with Chinese President, Xi Jinping, that the two countries have a” big opportunity “, to work togetherfor the benefit of their people & the World.During his delegation level talks as Part of an unprecedented Informal Summits should become a Tradition between the two Countries.” I will be Happy if in 2019, we can have such informal summit in India”, told by our PM Modi.

@ Wuhan—PM Modi & Chinese President Xi Jinping, they exchanged views on “Strengthening their ties, & they began their unprecedented two-day informal Summit, during which they focussed on one to one conversation focussing on Global, Bilateral & Regional issues. PM Modi who when arrived in Central Chinese city for the informal summit began talks soon after President Xi hosted a grand welcoming for him. The Summit in Wuhan, I Believe is the favourite holiday spot of revolutionary Chinese Leader Mao-Zedong- is being seen as an effort by India & China to rebuild Trust & Improve ties that were hit by the 73-day- long Doklam Standoff in 2017. And the much-awaited Informal Summit gets started! PM Modi gets a warm welcome by Chinese President Xi on his arrival at Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan. The two leaders exchanged Views on Solidifying our Bilateral Relationship, Ministry of External affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar Tweeted.



And the much-awaited Informal Summit gets underway! PM @narendramodi warmly welcomed by Chinese President Xi on his arrival at Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan. The two leaders had a one-on-one meeting during which they exchanged views on solidifying our bilateral relationship.

During their one to one4 conversation, PM Modi told Xi that when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had an opportunity to visit Hubei Province on a study tour to learn about the Three Gorges Dam. “The Speed with which you constructed this dam & its scale inspired me. So, I came on a study tour & spent a day at Dam”, PM Modi. As the world’s largest Hydropower Project, the Three Gorges Project is a multifunctional water control system on the mighty Yangtze river. The Dam stretches2,309 metres long & 185 Metres High, 32 Hydropower Turbo-Generators, a five-tier ship lock & Ship Lift System. In a rare & Special Gesture, Chinese President Xi took PM Modi on a tour of the exhibition of Marquis Yi of Zeng Cultural Relics & Treasure Displayed at the Hubei Provincial Museum. PM Modi & President Xi while interacting in Wuhan, stressed on ancient ties, while our PM recalled that during 2000 years of History, India &China together Provided Momentum & Strength to the world Economy, & Dominated it for around 1600years.

The Summit was stated to be very Unique in Nature, as the two leaders never had any Pressure at their back & Obligation to strike any agreements nor make big announcements but focus only on Candid discussions on solutions to some of the vexed problems like the boundary question & other issues.  PM Modi also stated the fact that, that the people of India felt proud that President Xi has twice received him out of the capital. Xi also emphasised the two sides should look at the bigger Picture of China-India relationship from a strategic angle & Ensure their relationship continue to move forward in a Positive direction.India & China also stated the fact that they will be undertaking joint India-China Economic Project in Afghanistan at their first Informal Summit. The Understanding was reached between the two leaders during the two-day informal summit. As per the Understanding, officials of both the sides will identify the Project in following up discussions & work out modalities. This Project will be first of its kind in war-torn country where China while trying to expand its influence has tacitly backed Pakistan, which has been accused by Afghanistan & the US of backing the Taliban & its most Violent & Gruesome attacks in the Country, destabilising any attempts to restore Peace. China also announced its plans to extend its Controversial China-Pakistan (CPEC) at the meeting.

Friends, During the Informal Summit, our PM Modi & his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed on Enhancing Strategic Communication, both sides also Committed to further cooperate in Counter-Terrorism efforts. They also agreed that such Informal Summits would continue & enhance their strategic Geo-Political Relationships through meetings of top leadership. India & China also agreed on Specific Guidance to implement Confidence Building & also bettering their ties. PM Modi also touched upon Balance in Trade. Their one to one talks were also followed by series of Delegation- level Interaction with top six officials, from both the sides. As we all know its an Informal Summit, PM Modi & Chinese President Xi Jinping, walk around the East Lake, for half an Hour, & they took for an Hour ride in a double-decker Boat ride& will end their first ever Informal Summit with a one-on-one Lunch, there was also a Traditional tea time along with the boat ride, I think no other leader from India has received the warmth & affection as our PM did.PM Modi Coined a new Acronym- STRENGTH, to bring out the importance of People-to-people contact between India & China.

PM Modi also underscored the importance of STRENGTH– S_ Spirituality, T-Tradition, Trade, & Technology, R-Relationship, E-Entertainment (Movies, Art, Dances etc.) N-Nature Conservation, G-Games, T-Tourism, & H-Health& Healing. PM Modi also said that India & China have huge responsibility of to work together for 40% of the world Population & the two sides have a big opportunity to work together for the benefit of their people & to the World. This is the fourth Visit to China by our Pm since 2014. He is again due to Visit China for SCO Summit to be held at Qingdao city on June9-10. As usual our PMs friendly gesture, he Presented the Paintings of well known Chinese Painter to Xi Jinping, Modi Presented Xu Beihong’s Paintings to Xi Jinping. Xu was known for his Chinese Ink Paintings of Horses & birds. The Paintings Depicted Horses &Sparrows, on Grass. Xu Made those Paintings while his stay at Visva Bharati. The Paintings were ordered by ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations) at Wuhan. On his Part, Chinese President Xi Jinping said India & China have establishedcloser Partnership & made Positive Progress in recent years. The Chinese President said he believes in Future & they could meet in Format like this from time to time.“I look forward to in-depth communication with your excellency & also ensure we can Build common understanding & help to take the China-India relationship to the next -level.”  Told by Chinese President Xi Jinping to PM Modi.

“During the earlier China’s Congress Party rule, you had talked about a New Era& today in India I also talk about a New India. Your Vision of a New India is our mission today, which will also work towards the Global growth of the world”. PM Modi. PM Modi also Pitched for more such Informal Visits in 2019. He also expressed that “the people of India feel really proud that I am the first PM of India, for whom You (Chinese President) Have come out of the Capital Twice to receive me… The Five Positive Elements of this relationship are thought, Communication, Support, Commitment & Shared Vision. These can be the basis for world Peace & Stability”, Said PM Modi. The Visit, if anything is Historic in nature, for multiple reasons. The meeting will have no officials, no aides, & No Secretaries, it is such an Informal Summit.  This kind of setting, according to sources, ensures that the Leaders have a free, no strings attached conversation about how to put the Vision of both the Countries, putting them in Perspective towards establishing Geo-Political Environment. The Meeting is termed as an Informal, Heart-to-Heart Summit with no Joint Summit/ Agreement. One Factor which came into Focus, was that of India-Nepal-China Economic Corridor. As Chinese President earlier Proposed an India-Nepal-China Economic Corridor with Multi-dimensional Connectivity through the Himalayas as it seeks to expand its influence over the Nepalese Government headed by KP Sharma Oli. India’s Focus remains on Excellent bilateral ties with Nepal & China. China & Nepal have already signed an MoU on China’s Multi-Billion- Dollar Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) in which Connectivity Cooperation is a Part.  China is also building a Rail-line connecting Lhasa & Gyirong in Tibet Autonomous Region, a Project that will help Kathmandu.


As I Conclude My analysis on PM Modi & President Xi Jinping, I will put the Informal Summit in Points for easier Understanding in Nutshell, here we go Friends.

  1. Wuhan summit Helped Manage & Control Disputes, gave this relationship A new Direction to start with on a Fresh Note.
  2. Both the Nations stressed on Communication & revitalised Oriental Civilization.
  3. Trade, Technology, Films, Terrorism, were discussed in Length.
  4. India & China to Lay out Details of Joint Economic Project in Afghanistan.
  5. Both The leaders discussed various ways & means to give due Impetus to Economic Ties, People to People relationships, as Put forth by our PM Modi.
  6. Multiple aspects of Bilateral Ties between both the Nations, & also Cultural Promotion.
  7. Bothe Leaders also discussed on the Issuance of Guidance to their Militaries, to strengthen Strategic Communication & to build Trust & understanding.
  8. Both the Leaders recognised the Common-Threat of -Terrorism, to combat Terror through resolute Opposition.
  9. PM Modi to Visit China again in the Month of June.
  10. PM Modi Thanked President Xi Jinping-

“I am thankful to Chinese President Xi Jinping for the Grand welcome & the fruitful talks”,told our PM Modi.

A Positive Paradigm shift towards a Positive Narrative of Enhancing, Connect, Connectivity, Mobility, Robust Economic Growth, by Rescripting &Rechartering India& China’s Geo-Political Relationships Voiced out by each other, hopefully setting a landmark example in the World Community. Thank you, PM Modi, for taking all the steps for Redesigning & Redeploying all resources towards “Transformed, Vibrant, Innovative, Digitized, Powerful, “New India”.

There was a Beautiful Rendition of Bollywood Music, A classic Song- “Yeh Vaada Raha”.

Hopefully China Keeps the Promise Made through this extraordinary & Memorable Informal Summit Towards A New Beginning of Geo-Political Relationships.


Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer

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