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Must Read: PM Modi Re-scripts A Vibrant Narrative of Geo-Political Relationship with Nordic Nations.

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • April 25, 2018
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Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed: As I start another thought Process Poured down in the form of a Blog, I would like to throw some insights on Chanakya On Democracy & Foreign Policy. As Chanakya Says, “Right Behavior is doing Right Thing at Right Time- Place -Situation.

Chanakya says, Ruler should take a decision on the strength of the Majority of Opinion submitted by his counsellors after deep & Deliberate consideration of the issues involved. A Ruler should adopt his Foreign Policy by deploying the well-established four-fold policy of Sama (Persuasion, Conciliation) Dhana (Monetary& other Gainful Incentives), Bedha (Divide&Rule) & Dhanda (Punishment).  So Here Is our PM Modi Who Visited Nordic Nations for showcasing India’s Strengths Thereby Inviting People to come to India & Be part of their Growth, moving towards welfare State setting a Precedent to other Nations through Pro-Vikas Agendas. Before I plunge myself into the details of this Article, I would like to give a brief description on Nordic Nations—

The Nordic Countries or the Nordics are geographical & Cultural region in Northern Europe & the Northern Atlantic, where they are mostly known as Norden (Literally “the North”). These Includes—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, & Sweden, Including Greenland &Faroe Islands—Which are both Constituent Countries within the Kingdom of Denmark–& the Aland Islands. Scandinavians they constitute over three quarters of the region’s population & is thus the Largest group by far, followed by Finns, who comprise the majority in Finland. The Native Languages are Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, & Faroese, All north Germanic Languages. The Nordic Countries have much in Common in their way of life, culture, History, Religion, &use of Scandinavian Languages & Social Structure.

Let me give you all a detailed Analysis of India’s Connect with Nordic Nations after Decades established by Our PM Modi—

PM Modi reaches in Sweden, on an official Visit &also very significant as he was Co-Hosting with his Swedish Counterpart Stefan Lofven the First India- Nordic Summit, the official Spokesperson of the Indian ministry of External affairs Ministry Mr. Raveesh Kumar, who Tweeted By saying—

“scripting history! PM @Narendramodi arrives in Stockholm on a First Bilateral Visit in 30 years”.

There can be many Reasons for India not to go venture into Nordic Nations, for around 30 Years, one of the reason could be BOFORS.  As we all know Friends, In 1987, Indian National Congress, PM Rajiv Gandhi, was criticized heavily with allegations for Kickbacks that he received for Bofors Artillery Gun. That deal cost him & his Government & led to a Three- decade Arms—Import Freeze & A Chill in Bilateral relationships with Sweden. Thereafter it was quite difficult for other Prime Ministers Narasimha Rao or Manmohan Singh to Visit Sweden Despite the close relationship that had existed in the past between Olof Palme & Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi.But the BOFORs issue inhibited Non-Congress Prime Ministers too. So, Our PM Modi took a Bold Decision to Visit Nordic Countries as he is not affected by the above Issues. PM Modi Responded Purposefully to Lofven’s desire to develop Bilateral relations. Consequently, the then President-Pranab Mukherjee Visited Sweden in 2015. Mr. Lofven Visited Mumbai in 2016, to take part, in the “Make in India” Week. He held in-depth discussions with PM Modi & Both of them decided to Intensify Economic & Technological Contacts, Including in the Defence & Security Fields.

Sweden which has a stronghold in Advanced Defence Industry, &with India now determined to develop its own, makes a good sense to foster Partnerships with it. Renewable Energy, Urban Waste Management, Innovation were also identified as key Focus areas for Collaboration.This would enhance some well-known Swedish Companies in India such as ericcson 7 New Ones such as Saab, which Manufactures the Gripen Combat Aircraft. Our PM Modi’s Visit to Stockholm takes the 2016 Proceess furthering its strategic Relationships. Most Significant decision is to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for the Safeguarding of Swedish Defence Technology. This clearly states the fact that there is a clear Grit & Determination to Act with Purpose in Defence Manufacturing Industries.  Sweden which is very much interested in selling its major weapons, including Fighter Aircraft, The Prime Ministers of the other Four Nordic Countries, Norway, Finland, Denmark, & Iceland agreed to be in Stockholm for the India- Nordic Summits is indicative of their recognition of India’s Emerging Global Stature. Lofven after the Bilateral Talks, said” India has emerged as a Global Power. No Important Global Conversation, be it on Climate Change or Sustainable Development, is complete change or Sustainable development, is complete without the words of India”. Thanks to our PM Modis Paradigm shift towards A Visionary Thought Process of Making India, the Most Dynamic, Vibrant, Transformative, Progressive Economy. All the Nordic Nations are advanced Economies with Strong Welfare- State.

India—Nordic Statement Summit Joint Statement—

It streamlines & Highlights those areas in which the Nordic Countries & India can Co-Operate but also the common values they share too. The India -Nordic Summit sent Clear Signals to both Donald Trump’s America & Xi Jinping’s aggressive China. At a time when President Trump is challenging open & Inclusive Global Trading Systems, the Summit Elaborated the facts, “the Importance of rules-based multilateral trading systems as well as open & inclusive trade for Prosperity & Growth”. Its interesting to know that Nordic Countries have Great Interests in the Chinese Economy, but this didn’t deter them to Join India calling for Upholding of “Rules-based international System”. The Nordic Nations also supported India’s Membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, although in Guarded language. Its very important to Note that they agreed to work for India’s NSG application “with the aim of reaching a Positive outcome at the earliest opportunity.”

PM Modi also had a meeting with the Nordic Prime Ministers separately, including his Danish Counterpart Lars Rasmussen, He lauded the efforts of our PM Modi esp. towards Climate Change & he also assured all Effort towards Extradition will be given duly—Purulia Arms Drop Case in 1995, where Arms were dropped in W. Bengal, since then India has been fighting for Kim Davy’s Extradition. India since last two decade have been trying to Extradite Kim Davy, to face charges of Terrorism.  PM Modi during the “Vibrant Gujarat “event in January 2017, informed the Danish Minister that KimDavy should be Extradited, then there was fresh Extradition request last year & the asked for assurances.

Why PM Modi Reaching out to Nordic Nations are Very Significant in Nature?

As we all Know our PM Modi’s Bold Geo-Political Relations with the rest of the world, has earned him a great Respect & Reputation of our Economy has increased manifold by achieving a Tag of Fastest & Emerging Nations of the World.PM Modi’s visit to Sweden has finally reverberated most important fact that Nordic States is an Important Part of Rapidly evolving Indian Foreign Policy priority. This was not only the 1st visit by any Indian PM to Sweden in 30Years, but also an attempt to reach out to A wider Nordic Region with the for 1st India-Nordic Summit which saw India interacting with the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden on a single Platform.

Now After Mr. Modi became the PM of India, there is a complete Different Narrative scripted towards Geo-Political Relationship, He has widened the Horizons & broaden the Roads to reach out to the World. So Far, Friends, we found for more than 2 Decades we found NewDelhi’s Focus was to establish close relationship with traditional western Powers, with US on one side, & Major European Powers like the UK, France & Germany on the other side. The resultwas that there was complete neglect of Nordic regions with whom India shares very important Political & Economic relationships. I also feel another important reason of neglect was that of BOFORS Scandal too cast its own shadow on this relationship especially with Sweden in Particular. On the other side, Nordic Nations were trying to manage their relationship with European Nations, where India was nowhere in the Picture.

Friends, PM Modi’s Visit to Sweden, therefore, comes at an appropriate time & India’s visit at this point of time enhances Geo-Political relationships with Sweden.Most Importantly, In Sweden, Modi Galvanised top Swedish firms to Invest in India, streamlining the importance of strong bilateral Business Relations for the People of the two countries. Its quite known fact that Sweden has been a strong supporter of India’s “Makein India” Initiative, with the Swedish PM leading a big delegation to Mumbai Summit in 2016.  The Swedish Government will be Providing more than $59 million (Rs.387 Cr.) for Innovation Co-operation with India in the field of Smart Cities & sustainability. The First India-Nordic Summit Reaffirmed that commitment of both sides to work towards supporting free Trade as a catalyst for achieving Inclusive Growth & realising the Sustainable Development Goals at a time when Major Economic Powers are becoming Protectionist & Tariff wars are becoming the new Norm. Friends, today there is a recognition & also Acceptance of India’s Credentials as a Responsible Nuclear Actor though not being a Formal member of Non-Proliferation Treaty. As we all know India has redefined its foreign Policy priorities in changing Europe has realised the growing Global Stature of India amongst Global Economies. And Our PM Modi’s reach to Nordic Nations, has managed to showcase the Strengths that exist in this Partnership with a much-Neglected world these Many days.

India-Nordic Summit calls for free Trade & Rules Based Global Order—

India & Five Nordic Countries, reaffirmed the Importance of Free Trade as a catalyst for achieving inclusive growth & realising the sustainable Development Goals amidst rising Protectionist Policies displayed by Powerful economies. The Six PMs at their first ever summit jointly hosted by India & Sweden also acknowledged that Terrorism, & Violent Extremism, are major challenges for the International Community. They also discussed Global security, Terrorism, Cyber Security, based on their shared values of Human Rights, Democracy & the rule of Law, & their Commitment to uphold rules-based International System in the backdrop of China’s ambitions that has challenged rules based Global order.

UNSC Reforms—India & the Nordic Nations also reaffirmed their support for UN & the Secretary -General’s reform Efforts to ensure a UN to support Member states to deliver on Agenda 2030 & took note of this proposals to strengthen the UN, including in the areas pf Development Peace Operations, Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention. The Nordic Nations & India reaffirmed the need for reform of the UN Security Council, including its expansion in both Permanent& Non-Permanent seats to make it more representative, more accountable, effective, & Responsive to the realities of the 21st Century. The Nordic Nations agreed that India is a strong candidate for Permanent seat in a reformed Council expanded. Five MoUs were also signed on the occasion with the Nordic Countries. These include on co-operation in the field f sustainable & smart Urban development, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Food Safety Co-operation, & agricultural Research & Education with Denmark & on the establishment of an ICCR chair for Hindi Language with Iceland.

AS I Come to conclude my analysis of India-Nordic Countries which streamlines for strengthening their ties & deepen Co-operation, as the Leaders of Five Nordic Countries held bilateral meetings, towards Shared Values, mutual Prosperity, I have to bring out one more important aspect is that of Digital Transformation drive growth in an inter-connected world, & India’s concerted efforts for growing engagement between Nordic Nations for the 1st time in the last 30 years. Friends, here is a Charismatic& A visionary Leader who works in a Mission Mode by Widening His Horizons throughout the world with his sharpened Intellect for Achieving a Formidable Position amongst the Global Economies. My words for our PM Modi’s Performance of statistics, might be Limited, but he has Scripted his own Path towards India’s Foreign Policy in Dynamic Mode, since last four Years, which is a Herculean Task Achieved.  I feel that his Visionary Thought Process will & should Continue for many More years as he is the only Formidable Leader, who goes from his Comfort Zone & conquers the world with his Eloquent Words &Work, A Great Inspiration to Me, & I feel for 1.25bn Indians to lead towards “Vikas Path”, & Paradarshikta.

Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer




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