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Must Read: Ryan International School – 5 shocking facts!

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 12, 2017
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The murder of an innocent 7-year old kid has grabbed front page headlines all across the nation. Widespread outrage coupled with undivided media attention has resulted in ordering of a SIT probe in to the incident. Reports suggest that the bus conductor is wrongly being framed in the murder.

Today, we present before you, 5 shocking facts related to Ryan International School, that are bound to startle you.


1. No Separate Toilets:

Ryan International school franchise is spread across the country. The size of their school-buildings can outshine and dwarf any educational institution of India. However, you will find it difficult to believe that the school lacked separate toilets for students, drivers and other staff.

2. Damaged Boundary Wall
Student’s safety is at a risk considering the boundary wall of Ryan International School is broken.











3. Founded by the son of a farmer

The school was founded by AF.Pinto,in Mumbai Borivali and belongs to a humble background. AF Pinto’s father was a farmer in Karnataka.

4. Faulty CCTVs

Ryan International School’s advertisements and hoardings are hard to miss. However, the school, it seems has no budget for CCTVs inside the school premises. Reports suggest – the CCTVs of the school are faulty and do not span the entire school-area.

5. Liquor Shop outside premises of the School

You will find it hard to believe – a liquor shop exists right outside the premises of the Ryan International School, Gurgaon. Thankfully, the shop was burned to the ground by the protestors on Sunday.

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