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Narendra Modi’s landslide victory shatters Opponent’s grip on India!

  • Gunjan Madaan
  • June 1, 2019
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP towards a resounding victory for a second term as the BJP has touched the 300 mark on its own while the NDA is at 350 seats, crossing the humongous tally of 2014. The 2019 Lok Sabha results are a resounding endorsement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity, his government’s achievements in the last five years and his campaign, which centered around national security and nationalism. He also attacked the Congress Party for what he called its dynastic legacy and blamed it for the country’s woes. The opposition had criticized the BJP campaign as divisive and polarising. No party had won 30 percent vote on its own in any election since 1991 to form a government.

So, what brought the BJP paved the way for Narendra Modi to become the prime minister again?

The BJP is a master of the narrative, the resources, and the electoral strategy among Indian parties. BJP’s 2019 result is actually better than in 2014. Its vote share is also poised to be its best one so far. The party is far ahead in terms of finances compared to 2014. The image of the party and its leader became even more important in proportion to the activities of the constituency candidates. The BJP also mastered controlling the narrative by being immensely active on social media, tackling the traditional media, and through other, similar activities.

Modi, who was born in the state of Gujarat, comes from humble roots and rose through the ranks of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He has repeatedly cited the air attack as proof of his government’s ability to fight terrorism and his toughness in matters of national security.

Professionals were hired to manage Modi’s election campaign, in which the latest information technology was put to effective use. The BJP provided a live feed of all the rallies that Modi addressed making it easier for telecast through various news channels. The BJP cadres were galvanized to show energy in his rallies, which would reverberate with the chants of “Modi-Modi”. Such electioneering was not seen in the country and it electrified the booth-level workers of the party. At the same time, it also made the Congress and other parties nervous. These parties looked confused and lost the electoral battle even before the actual fight began.

The streets leading to the new BJP headquarters were packed with jubilant Modi supporters, who distributed sweets and set off firecrackers to celebrate the win. Women wore saris printed with Modi’s face, while young men wearing scarves and carrying flags in the BJP’s signature color — saffron — danced to the sound of drums and trumpets.

As the trends came in, pointing to another tenure of Modi as prime minister, celebrations broke out in the BJP’s party offices across the country with people dancing to the sounds of drums. A day later PM Narendra Modi’s tremendous triumph in India’s national election, the country’s foremost antagonist party is facing some deeply oppressive questions about its future in national politics. The opposition parties have no option left but to admit failure.

Modi was showered with rose petals by some of the thousands of encouraging followers who remained for hours in a squall for his arrival at party headquarters. The next five years will be the time to regain the fair position of India on the world scale. And surely, India will regain its significance.

If someone is victorious, it is India.  At the end of the battle, PM Modi said, was “the guarantee of a bright future for India.”

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