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A Narrative Rescripted by Indian PM Narendra Modi, with China in BRICS Summit for Geo-Political strategies

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • September 12, 2017
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As we all Know that our PM Modi, gives due impetus to “Connect”, rather reaching to everyone & everywhere on this planet Earth. With regard to his foreign policy he values the tool of reaching out to all foreign leaders, on a personal level to engage with them and strengthen better relationships with the foreign leaders, Countries, which is termed as “Personal Diplomacy”. In fact, I am going to tell you all the key Takeaways of our PM Modis visit to China, Myanmar from September 3rd to 5th 2017, & Myanmar from 5th September to 7th. All in total of his visit count of 69, which is a herculean Task & policies Handled, and surely a Litmus test for his Diplomacy too. In my Current Article, I would like to give you all in a detailed manner about BRICS Summit -2017 in Xiamen.

As we all know friends, that India shares a border with both Nations makes these tours different to most of his earlier ones. In the case of China, the visit was to take part in 9th BRICS Summit comes less than a week after the end of the DokLam standoff between the two countries. As we all know the tensions had kept our PMs participation in speculating mood for this BRICS Summit, where he would meet leaders of Brazil, Russia, South Africa, along with President Xi-Jinping, was very unclear until the 73rd day face-off between the Armies of both the Nations, where a statement had come from Chinese Media that their troops would disengage from the borders of DoKLam.

When we analyse about Myanmar, there are two Points can be visualized which is that the relationship garner importance recently. The first being the most important one is that of Rohingya issue related to both violence at the border & illegal immigrants in India. The second point is that of strengthening the ties with China & make sure China is not able to move in and try to influence it to India’s detriment. The key factor which always gets highlighted during our PMs visit is that he has the skill sets to make things happen and smoothen relations with China, and considerable progress on difficult issues with Myanmar. As we are all aware of the fact that our PM Modi has taken great amount of pride to strengthen his foreign visits towards India. This is a testament to the fact of his 67 Visits (Foreign Countries) so far.

Let me give you in detailed manner the key issues discussed in BRICS 2017- DoKLam was Discussed between PM Modi & President Xi Jinping—

The meeting which lasted for about 60 Minutes, touched on lot of issues, including border disputes and the DoKlam stand-off. “India & China agreed that It’s in the interests of both the countries to keep the relationship looking forward and on an upward trajectory”, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar briefed the Media. Chinas foreign Ministry in turn briefed the media too by saying- President Xi Jinping stressed to PM Modi that China & India have development opportunities for each other, not threats. Chinese President XiJinPing tells PM Modi to treat China’s Development correctly & rationally. Both Leaders acknowledged the fact that there is a need for a new mechanism and greater confidence building between border and Defence Personnel from future DoKLams from happening. Just Like Dersingham in 2013 led to BDCA agreement, DoKLam also lead to New Military mechanism.

Both sides also acknowledged of the fact that there were some shortcomings in Sino-India ties that led to the DoKLam standoff.  Both the leaders accepted and while briefing the media expressed that the talks were Fruitful. Our PM Modi thanked the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

President Xi Jinping of China recalled Panchsheel Accord—“China is willing to work with India on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence to improve Political mutual trust, promote mutually beneficial co-operation and push Sino-Indian ties along with a right Track” he said at a bilateral meet with our PM Modi after the end of 9th BRICS Summit. Both leaders urged for peace & tranquillity in the border area is a prerequisite for furt5her development of relationship. PM Modi & President Xi also agreed to co-operate on border- security, constructive steps to be taken to resolve the issues says Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar. The PM Modi who was accompanied by senior officials, including National Security advisor Mr. Ajit Doval, and Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, met the Chinese leader.  Our PM Modi also suggested 10 Noble commitments to be taken up by BRICS leadership for Global transformation. Our ‘No strings attached’ co-operation model is driven purely by requirements of partner countries. Both the leaders took out on Trade and Commerce aspect of the India-China relationship. Our PM Modi also pitched in for setting up of a BRICS credit rating agency to counter western rating Institutions, and cater to the financial needs of sovereign & corporate entities. Our PM Modi also urged to work towards Digitization, Skilled world, Healthier world, Equitable world, & harmonious world. And, he stressed on co-ordinated action & co-operation in areas such as Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security, & disaster Management insisted our Prime Minister. And our PM Modi also asked to engage on International Solar Alliance for mutual gains through Solar Energy utilisation of Solar power & Sun.

Our PM Modi held talks with Brazilian President Mitchel Temer – “on a Common Global Vision”, said our PM Modi. He also met up with Russian President Vladimir Putin & PM Modi met on the sidelines of the BRICS meeting. Both the leaders discussed about Trade & Tourism. Oil & Natural Gas was also on the agenda. Vladimir Putin also thanked PM Modi for participation in Eastern Economic Forum. Several aspects discussed, student & tourists, Energy co-operation, Cultural exchanges said Preeti Saran.

BRICS 2017—we find that in the summit A mention of Jaish & LeT is big victory For India.

The Joint declaration at Xiamen came as huge boost for India. Its efforts at highlighting terror emanating from the neighbourhood found specific mention with the names of Pak-based Terror outfits were mentioned. PM Modi addressing the Plenary Session, of the BRIC Summit, in China’s Xiamen city, PM Modi said trade & Economy were the foundations of the co-operation among BRICS- Chinese President Xi also called on BRICS Business Council & New Development Bank to ensure greater co-operation among BRICS countries. The Business Council comprising business organisations from all the five countries has done a lot toward e-Commerce, technical development, Standard setting & the exp. Sharing in the Digital economy, he said.

As I conclude my analysis of BRICS Summit, and India & china’s stand that it’s a big morale booster and a sort of solution where everyone benefits for India, as the declaration condemned the terror outfits operating out of Pakistan such LeT, Jaish-e- Muhammed. PM Modi had also called for Joint action on Terrorism. Trade & Terror were also discussed in Length & breadth during BRICS Summit 2017.

Here is our leader of our Nation through his Chanakyas Nitis of Rann Niti- made it very clear to China that in this day & age, war is not the solution to resolve the issues between the Nations. And our PM Modi envisaged his Mission & Vision statement of Akhand Bharat, Shrestha Bharat. A Path well-constructed or rather laid out to move towards INDIA VIKAS KI AUR.

I would like to quote Swami Vivekananda says— “Each work has to pass through these stages—ridicule, opposition, & then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are to be misunderstood”. Our PM Modi who thinks ahead of his times for Vikas & Parivartan of Bharat gives a befitting reply through his Visionary moves which are beneficial for betterment of our Nation in the future.
Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer

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