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Why we need to honor Ujwal Nikkam – India’s unsung hero

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 26, 2017
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We have all watched and loved the biopics made on real-life heroes such as Milkha Singh and Mary Kom. These movies chronicled the real-life struggle and inspirational tale of these stalwarts. However, there are many more unsung heroes in India that deserve not only a movie on their lives, but also numerous accolades to honor the work they have done for the country.

One such unsung hero is – Ujwal Nikkam – an Indian public prosecutor who has worked tirelessly to put the guilty behind bars for good.

You might have heard Ujwal Nikkam’s name while following the 2008 Mumbai Attack-Trial. During the entire course of the trial, Nikkam coordinated closely with dreaded terrorist Ajmal Kasab, which eventually led to his death sentence.

During the entire length of his career, Ujwal Nikkam received several death threats. However, Nikkam stayed strong despite overwhelming pressure and chose to serve the path of righteousness.

Some of the perceived dangerous & tricky cases that were taken up by Ujwal Nikkam are as follows:

The Mumbai Gang Rape Case:

Ujwal Nikkam worked round the clock to ensure that the criminals involved in the Mumbai Gang Rape case
(Shakti Mills Compound) received death sentence. The eventual verdict declared all 4 guilty, while announcing death sentence for 3 and life term for the 4th criminal.

2003 Gateway of India Bombing

In addition to the 1993 serial Mumbai bomb blasts, Ujwal Nikkam was also the public prosecutor in the 2003 Gateway of India bombing in which eventually 3 men were convicted and sentenced to death.

1997 Murder of Gulshan Kumar

The murder of Gulshan Kumar, outside a temple in Andheri, Mumbai, grabbed headlines in 1997. Ujwal Nikkam was the public prosecutor in the case in which 1 was acquitted out of the 19 charged.

Even though Mr. Nikkam was doing his job all along, it is of utmost importance that his selfless and courageous contribution to the honorable courts of India is admired. It was due to his relentless pursuit & case-preparation, that many were brought to book.

We would love to hear your views on public prosecutor Ujwall Nikkam. Post your comments below!

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