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Never Forget the Date – 27th February!

  • Avantika Debnath
  • February 27, 2018
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News channels never get tired of dragging the 2002 Gujarat riots but what they often miss to state is the burning alive of 59 Kar-Sevaks that ensued it all.

It’s amusing, this selective memory of our media houses and their representatives. They have never allowed us to forget the action – Shooting of Mahatma Gandhi by Godse, that, in reaction had the merciless killing of 6000 Brahmins across India.

They keep reminding us of the action that was the assassination of Indira Gandhi but shy away from the reaction that claimed the lives of over 3000 innocent Sikhs. The Godhra kand is one exception where the media harps on the reaction, the riot that led to the loss of about 750 precious lives from both ends, the action, quite surprisingly, seldom finds a mention or condemnation in their books of sorts.

But we are not in class 10 anymore, we have outgrown the Nehruvian textbooks that tried its best to indoctrinate our perception. Whether or not you talk about it, we know it.


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