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If none of them are guilty, then who looted 1.70 lakh crores?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 22, 2017
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It has been approximately 7 years, and the verdict regarding the 2G spectrum scam is out after a chaos of controversies and accusations. The honourable court found that the prosecution could not prove its charges against the scammer Kanimozhi, A Raja and the team, owing to ‘misreading’ of documents. They have been freed from all the charges for the time being. As the judgement did not prove that the 2G scandal was an honest blunder.

The state has suffered a massive loss of Rs 1,76, 379 crores owing to this scandal brought to limelight in the year 2010, and now the verdict has been passed out stating that it was no one’s mistake. Around 80,000 pages long charge sheet filed by the CBI over a span of 7 years was not approved well enough at court by the prosecution. Well, we wonder if the money walked out from the safe on its own. There were 122 telecom licenses called off in 2012, which had acquired the right to function from A Raja and his team of scammers over submission of untrue documents, displayed prices and half-baked information.

Despite the judgment that has provided an abundant relief to the accused persons, a few facts about the scam remain, which will never allow the nation to rely on the names of concern ever again. The main fact is that in 2010 when the opposition parties collectively asked for the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) in order to look in the scandal, the proposal was rejected three times. Also, the then telecom minister A Raja, who is the main accused in the case was also alleged to be defended by Karunanidhi; this allegation was made by the former CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha herself.

However, except for few hopeless individuals in India, many of us are surely not happy with the court’s decision. Still, we can hope that if the case moves ahead to the higher court that the accused won’t be given any kind of liberty to roam free in the nation.



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