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Not #metoo for media trials!

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  • October 17, 2018
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Not #metoo media trials

#Metoo- Yes this word is very alarming in today’s social media-age. Well, in this blog I shall pen down my thoughts over this campaign.

The #metoo campaign started long ago, but has gained momentum because of the many Bollywood celebrity  names in the  #metoo movement.

The motto of the campaign as per me is speaking up against the injustice and harassment done to the women/men in any field and lot of women have already voiced their opinion about it.

But everything has a grey area, being a woman, I support any movement which empowers us but at the same time if we believe in gender equality we must also understand, male and female are two different creatures of God.

So there are certain things which women are good at and certain things males are good at hence both need to complement  each other than competing with each other.

Well coming back to point, Large number of instances are there where females voices are shut down because of the patriarchy society we have, but when we speak or discuss about such kind of discussion, we must also keep in mind there can be two sides of the coin and no innocent should be victimized.

It has become our habit to punish or pronounce every single guy whose name is mentioned by the media, hence a proper outcome is doubtful in such circumstances.

The campaign has only been reduced to retweets and media debates rather than a complaint filing which can only result to a desired result.

To voice out an opinion is great but a voice which has credibility issues can only malign one’s character.

As the victim has self-dignity so the person named in the case has, till pronounced guilty.

Looking at the recent trends I fear that the #metoo campaign does not only become TRP catching news.

The accused if found guilty should be punished then only the #metoo campaign will prove to be meaningful, or else it can also be misused like a dowry case and a life can be affected by this.


Jaya Chowdhury


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