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Nyay Ya Anyay- The Real Story behind Congress Manifesto

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • April 4, 2019
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As I Pen down my Article amidst the chaotic Schedules rather in the middle of Cacophony on the eve of Elections. I would like to quote a Phrase from Chanakya—“If a king is energetic, his subjects will be equally energetic. If he is reckless, they will not only be reckless likewise, but also eat into his works. Besides, a reckless king will easily fall into the hands of his enemies. Hence the king shall ever be wakeful.”

This quote is very much relevant for our hardworking leadership at the helm of affairs who wants to set a Narrative of Vikas & Parivartan based on the principles of Paradarshikta with his 140 Yojanas instituted & Implemented for upliftment & Empowerment of common Man. Let me straight plunge my thought Process towards the Tantra Nitis, which are exposed in their Congress Manifesto. Their Hidden Agendas, Hypocrisies Politics of Divisiveness, Vote bank completely digressing from the Core Developmental Agendas required for a Nation to grow in leaps & bounds into Advanced Economies.

Before I go into the details of Congress’s Divisive Manifesto with hidden Agendas, let me at the outset explain to you what is a Manifesto?

Election Manifesto is a detailed statement by a Political Party, which explains the voters about the various policies of the Political Party they are going to vote for to win the Elections. They can easily think that which party will prove the best to Govern the Nation. Therefore, an Election Manifesto is very important. A Manifesto is a published declaration of all the Intent, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group political party or Government. With the above Explanations, I directly come to the Analysis part of Congress Manifesto. A total 53 pages of the Congress Manifesto, all our worst fears have come True.

According to me, as an Analyst Congress’s Promise to implement Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme would be next to impossible, to roll out as such. NYAY (Nyunatam Aay Yojana) that Congress President Rahul Gandhi recently announced would cost 13% of the Union Budget taking it to a tough Fiscal Decision, rather I would call this as a FISCAL DISASTER. Let me explain to you all in a detailed manner, if you give Rs.72,000/annum to 5cr. families, then thereby you are incurring an expense of Rs.3.6 Lk Cr. which will be arranged to implement it. This is more than our Defence Budget, just imagine, is it feasible to venture into? As we all know Fiscal situation is tight. It’s almost impossible to take out 13% of the Budget. The Congress has also promised to provide cash support to the Poorest 20% households of the country, which according to me is going to be a nightmarish experience to identify people who areapaying taxes, as many people come under the bracket 1.5to 2lk/Annum, who are exempted from paying taxes. The Logistical aspect is going to be a tougher aspect especially in identifying the people who are falling into that bracket. The Party also promised to target five crore families or 25cr. families or 25 cr. Individuals as beneficiaries of the Scheme. Rahul Gandhi without any knowledge rather half-baked information, called it a revolutionary, which was trashed by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley, as bluff announcement.

Dividing India:
Another most important Point is that of repealing of Section 124A, of the Indian Penal Code which defines & then Punishes an accused in Sedition—Sedition Law. Even for terrorists & also for hardcore criminals, it highlights the principles “bail is the rule & Jail is the Exception”. It also seeks to dilute the provisions of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). After having been spurned on various occasions to have a dialogue with separatists, who wants to settle nothing other than cessation from India. It also emphasizes a continuous dialogue with them. It promises to dilute the presence of the Armed Forces in the Valley. It was the Nehruvian Legacy which led the creation of Jammu & Kashmir Problem, it also led to a special status, it gave an unconstitutional Article 35A. It also rigged the 1957, 1962, 1967, & also the 1988 Assembly elections. This actually pulled down the morale of the people of Jammu & Kashmir & now its Manifesto only leads to joy for Separatists & Terrorists—Is this Not Anti-National Friends? —Point No.30, Page No.35.

Why Congress has always shown a soft corner towards Terror? Late Rajiv Gandhi introduced TADA, but after sometime they revoked it, they also revoked POTA. I Ask why they are stooping down again to hold a dialogue who are hellbent in breaking Kashmir away from India, I strongly object to this underlying statement of Nehruvian Legacy which is followed by ages till now by his grandson Rahul Gandhi who without any knowledge did a Press conference on Congress Election Manifesto which will lead to severe Disruptions in National Security. Why No Genuine Concern on Maoists, the atrocities committed ion various districts of India, which has been curbed down drastically by Modi Sarkar in Chhattisgarh, no Violence & Deaths, since last 5 yrs, or else in news we had been hearing about Dante Wada, where day in & day out people were killed for no crimes so whatsoever. Congress & their Brigade of supporting the Tukde Tukde Gang in JNU & other Places, Congress leaders throng those places & extend their support to all those people with adoration. Why compromise National Security & why act as Jaichands sitting inside our Nation, this Narrative was taken to task with Iron Fist by Modi Sarkar, the reason for united Opposition to Fret & Frown, quite Understandable, as they have lost the opportunity to keep those Aadivasis below Poverty line, living with them, in their lifestyle, & doing Nothing to contribute towards empowerment or giving them a livelihood, these many years, which was very well developed by PM Modis agendas. So, People you can Connect the Dots how people sitting inside they want to create a different Bharat, according to their Ideologies.

Let me talk about Farm Loan Waivers:As usual Thumping their chest is in their DNA of Congress, who very articulately speak lies without any errors. The Congress doesn’t commit to the Loan waiver & also utter a lie that it has been implemented in many states. Have you heard about in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, & Chhattisgarh, a Minimum Effort has not been even put? Let me also remind you about PM-KISAN is not implemented in any of the Congress states.

Public Health:Another Important Scheme is Public Health, let me give you all a clear Picture about Our PM Modi has Launched an Historical Yojana of Aayushman Bharat where 50Cr People got hospital treatment free, health Insurance of Rs.5Lk which will be provided every year to those who fall below the Poverty line or BPL families. A Mega Health Insurance Scheme, which would be in the range of Rs.1,000-1,200/family which will be borne by the Government itself. This is National Health Protection Scheme given by Modi Sarkar. Now what does congress do in its Manifesto-Only Sloganeering.

GST:The Congress Manifesto repeats itself, that the Congress will try for Single GST Rate. What Amazes me is that How come Congress President doesn’t go read or rather do a detailed research & then pen down their Hidden Agendas Manifesto—As we all know that Food items are Taxed @ 5%. The 28% slab is almost like Extinct now. In the next round the two Standard rates of 12%, & 18%, will be merged into a mid-rate. Thus, you will have, besides the non-merit Goods, Goods& Services, taxed at zero,5%, and at about 15%. Common Man’s Items are Taxed at 5%.

The Congress View: irrespective of the Product & the category of Consumers using it, there will be one Single rate. This means that that electronic Goods, A/C, Tv Sets, Washing Machines should be Taxed at the same rate as that of Food items, Chappals & Coarse Cloth. Rahul Gandhi got the Inspiration from countries like Singapore which doesn’t have any people living in the BPL. Both Food & Mercedes Car are Taxed at 7%.

Women’s Reservation in Legislature: It was in 2010, as the Leader of Opposition in the Upper House, Mr. Arun Jaitley was instrumental in bringing the Amendment Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha where then the Congress brought about it, what about women’s representation in Party giving Tickets to their women candidates.

Modi Sarkar Empowered Women through various Yojanas—

7Cr. LPG connections under Ujjawala Yojana

26 weeks of Maternity Leave

Sukanya Samridhi Yojana

IPC Amended for giving death Penalty for a Rape convict of a girl below the age of 12.

86.88 Lk Pregnant Women Immunized under Indradhanush Yojana, 1.9Lk Toilets constructed for Girls.

More than 73% of Loans were given to Women.

Abolition of Triple Talaq, thereby empowering Muslim women to fight for their Rights too. I believe Congress Manifesto states that Adequate Number of Vending Machines for Sanitary Napkins will be installed in Public Places, schools & Colleges—Modi Sarkar has walked the talk of creating Suvidha Napkins sold at Jan Aushadhi Kendras. Installation of vending Machines in Schools. Stree Swabhimaan Project under Common service centres for affordable Sanitary Napkins.

Dealing with Unemployment Problem in Congress Manifesto: According to the Congress which keeps ranting on Unemployment devoid of Facts: A Fake Narrative created by Congress, firstly let me ask the congress how many newer opportunities created by Congress from 2009-14. Modi Sarkar created more than 1.5 cr jobs over the last 5 years, irony is that we don’t have data on jobs created in Informal sectors, proper data on EPFO, now its generated by CMIE.

Connecting Villages & Habitations with Road Connectivity of 250 with a road, & also Provide Broadband connectivity which will be provided to all Village Panchayats by the year 2021. Whereas Modi Sarkar has almost completed this promise in 2014-56% are Connected, in 2019—95% are connected. Road Connectivity increased from 69/Km in 2014, to 134 Km in 2018.

Congress Manifesto Proclaims that Armed Forces will be Modernized, but why wasn’t it done for these many years, look who is promising Transparency, people who are involved in Bofors Scandal, Jeep Scam, Augusta Westland Scam, Why No Rafale jets landed in India, why  their Rs.737cr, whereas our procurement of Jets was only Rs.675cr done  between two Governments-Inter Governmental Agreements-IGA, why Sanjay Bhandari was involved in Arms Dealing? Why Armed forces weren’t given Jackets, Equipment these many years, why OROP wasn’t implemented without any delays? Why No Free Hand was given to them to deal with Terror forces, instead you acted as proxies sitting inside the valley for enemy Nation.

Armed Forces were given only Rs.500 Cr., the amount was finally discharged by Modi Sarkar. Congress Manifesto also states that it Promises to expand Domestic capacity to Manufacture Defence & Security Equipment. Modi Sarkar has already identified UP & TN for Defence Industrial Corridors. There has been more than A dozen Reforms/Steps taken during 2018 which have reduced time taken for granting permission to Defence export in 2018-19 to less than 50% of time taken in 2017-18.

Congress with its Leftist Economists & Thinkers have drafted Economic Policy: Fiscal Deficit under 3% of GDP by 2020-21. Revenue deficit will be controlled as far as possible, under 1% of GDP. Savings level of 40% GDP & A Gross Capital formation of 35% of GDP

Modi Sarkar has become the 3rd biggest Start-up Ecosystem in the world. Angel Tax was created by UPA in 2012, & Start-Ups also benefit from Tax Holidays, single window clearance, Self-Certification. Easy Access to credit is facilitated by Mudra Loans & Loans given under an hour. Government e Marketing, GeM, has further allowed the Procurement Procedure very easy & without any Middlemen & Brokerages.

Promise for Disabled in Congress Manifesto—It says it’s firmly committed to upholding the rights, Dignity & self-respect of persons with disabilities. Modi Sarkar once again has been organizing 140 camps a month. It was PM Modi who coined the word “Dayanand”, instead of Viklangs to uplift them. Assistive Equipment worth over Rs.700Cr, has been given to over 12 Lk Divyangs since 2014.

Congress Promises for restoring the special Category status to the NES.,immediately withdraw  the widely resented Citizenship Amendment Bill, the issue of illegal immigration in North-Eastern Region, & substantially increase the road Infrastructure & also budget outlays For Social Sector Development—What A Joke, North-Eastern Region was totally cut off from the rest of the world, lack of Connect & Connectivity, it was Modi Sarkar’s Look East Policy, around 100 kms for Rs.1,000 cr were constructed connecting to the rest of India, thereby opening the doors of South east Asian Regions corridors.

Congress Manifesto, this height of ignorance of facts being in Power for so many years & ruling the worlds largest Democracy, thereby compromising National Security—will Make National Security Adviser accountable to Parliament. Fact Check: This shows that National security Advisor will leave his job & Start doing the rounds of Parliament rather being involved into his duties discharging with due Diligence.

While I conclude my analysis of Congress Manifesto, I find this Manifesto is going to be complete Rhetoric as the Architects of this Manifesto are—Chidambaram, who himself is caught in the garb of Corruption, doing several rounds of HC in Delhi, & his infamous son Karti Chidambaram, under Aircel-Maxis case. Raghuram Rajan, an Economist who never had the spine to take a stand of his own, Nation First wasn’t his motive, rather his paymasters at the Lutyens who were dictating him after he found about NPAs in 2014. Thomas Piketty, a French Economist, Lucas Chancel, again an Imported Economist,Montek Singh Ahluwalia, another imported Economist from MIT Abhijit Banerjee, Mahesh Vyas of CMIE, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon, All these People have one thing as common Factor as Liberal Attitude, not having an understanding of the ground realities of Rural people, who belongs to the cream, why no one from Normal Background in their Panel, to understand the Pulse of the Nation, to Gauge the Mood of the Nation, how will an American or French Economist can decide about India’s economic Policies  sitting somewhere in other part of the Globe. Why no representation from Middle class who would have clearly stated the fact that how they have been empowered as Job Creators instead of Job Seekers, as Investment Guru Mark Mobius puts India in Perspective as “Emerging Markets of the world, one of the fastest growing nations of the world duly as our PM Modi has implemented around 140 yojanas which will take off in 2019, & this year will be a payback year for Indian Economy ton achieve its GDP of 82% in 2nd quarter leading to Stability & growth of economy moving towards upwards Trajectory surging towards Balanced Regional Development. As Modi Sarkar has created a Narrative of Vikas & Parivartan of 360 Degree approach of self-Development Goals by creating Aspirational Districts by the Think Tank of Modi Sarkar, NIti Aayog, which is result oriented & Action oriented with its deliverables.

Every Voter Matters, Every Vote Matters, please vote, your Vote will retain a bold & Decisive leadership of PM Modi who will be re-elected as PM in Lok Sabha Election 2019, because of his Mission & Vision Statement of SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAS!

Salutations to our Brave warriors!

Jai Hind!

Dr. S. Sukanya Iyer

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