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OMG! Smriti Irani just munched Rahul Gandhi on twitter

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • February 9, 2017
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Recently, PM Modi gave his speech in the Upper House and in his speech he trolled the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Mr Singh earlier said “Demonetisation is a monumental failure. “digging on this comment Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied “Manmohan Singh knows the art of wearing raincoat in the bathroom”.

This was one nightmare of a comparison. The congress party became very annoyed after this comment and left the upper house. They even said that till PM Modi won’t seek an apology from the former PM they will not attend the parliament. The comment PM Modi made was adored by many but all the others hated it to the core. Rahul Gandhi tweeted about the same, “When a Prime Minister reduces himself to ridiculing his predecessor years his senior, he hurts the dignity of the parliament and the nation”.

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After Rahul Gandhi’s tweets Smriti Irani went berserk and tossed Shahzada of Congress up in the air. She said, “So says a man, who insulted the PM from his own party tearing up an ordinance just to boost his image. Calling Prime Minister Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi & using terms like ‘Kutta’ during Parliamentary proceedings reflect mindset of Congress. As a citizen of India, it is painful to see Congress taking level of debate and argument on the floor of the house to a new low. People who have repeatedly compromised dignity of the nation today attack the PM under the guise of being ‘guardians’ of democracy”.

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This is not the first that Rahul Gandhi has commented something upon the PM of our nation. Every time he spoke, he was trolled by some or the other politician on social media. Previously, while attacking on Rahul Gandhi over his comments against Narendra Modi, Smriti said, “Rahul ji is worried about the PM’s growing popularity both in the country and internationally and desperately looking to save his political legacy. “

Fearless Indian

It seems that Rahul Gandhi as a politician is an individual completely cut off from ground realities. His speeches are matter of copycat and his further activation is bound to ruin the Congress further. He is the classic example of orthodox leadership and mediocre political class of India. Now everyone knows that he does nothing except speaking two words: women empowerment and Farmers.

It is said that even organisations have limited life. Let it be clear that Rahul Gandhi will bring this end for Congress party sooner than later.

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