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Open letter to Uddhav Thackeray

The way the Uddhav Thackrey’s Shiv Sena has reacted to the four day meat ban during the sacred ‘Paryushan’ festival of Jains, would have seriously saddened the soul of Balasaheb Thackrey, who dedicated his entire life to the entire strengthening the Hindutva agenda, the man who pretested against the slaughter of cows his entire life, the soul of that great man would have been hurt today.

Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are on full swing in Mumbai, have you forgotten that our lord is pleaded by ‘ladoos’ and not meat. You recently celebrated ‘Janmashtami’, you know that Lord Krishna consumes curd and butter not meat then why have you reacted against the ban and abused the peaceful and non-violent Jain community.

I am unable to decipher today that you belong the family of Shivaji Maharaj or Aurangzeb. In a country where the PM goes to a complete non-vegetarian country such as Dubai and consumes pure vegetarian food, a country where no meat of any kind is allowed in the Parliament, a country where vegetarianism is inculcated in the very ethos of the culture and birds and animals are worshipped, you want to kill and eat it.

To all people who are raisng their voice against the, to them I ask is this the first time there has been a ban on meat during ‘Paryushan’? The ban has been imposed since 1964 in one form of the other. Even the supreme court has ruled in favor of it.

The Jain community never held a public rally demanding the ban, they never created any violence for it, but it seems nobody in the country respects non-violence anymore.

I would urge Shiv Sena to remove the name of ‘SHIV’ from their name. The real enemies of Hindutva come disguised as the champions of Hindutva.

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  • Kaushik Raisingh Gohil

    My question to the person who wrote open letter to Uddhavji Saheb that why making issue on it, you drink milk of 🐮 by killing rights of little calf, they give milk only for their kids NOT for you. you should stop that too, pointing 👈 fingers on others is quite easy look at yourself first.

    • Gajen

      Ye to full flaged pagal hain. Iska sath bat karna khatrese khali nahi.

    • Mythili

      Do drink that you are not killing the cow. Only excess milk after calf drank is objection from cow.but why do you?

      • ismail sayyed

        How would you know that there is no objection of cow , and have you read all vedas ? Can i show you proof from vedas ? It is not prohibited but this all a apart i dont want to argue and point out any community but i believe in republic nation everyone had same rights and eating food is basic rights and why should any community either its yours or mine should decide who should eats what in their home just follow your religion inside the doors but 100% follow must for your religions ethics and you will find every human of any community like your brother because there is no holy book on this earth who stated that hindus are enemies of muslims or muslims are enemies of hindus or any other community so please stop doing this we have so many issues in this country to think on.. I hope i am not harsh anywhere…

      • Ganesh

        no buddy you are wrong unless until you have your own cow, professional people milk the animals regardless of feeding the new born ones,
        And this just for your information, the holy month of shravan just finished, during which hindus don’t eat any kind of meat but we didn’t ask government to ban the meat sell for a month, it’s just we believe in ourselves and our cultural rituals.
        And there is no need to bring religion in any debate it’s not about any religion but it’s how you believe in yourself, there are some hindus eating beef as well as there are some jains eating non veg no offense but true

    • Jig

      Don’t divert topic by questioning someone belief in wrong way. The request was just to ban meat for 10 days and not for life. If you can allow Ganpati pandals on road which cause inconvenience to general public, block roads during Gokul Asthami and Muhurram, a ban on meat sale for 10 days should not be an issue. Will anyone be allowed to eat pork at Mummadali road during Eid period. Respecting all religion equally is what true India is all about.

      • human

        u can eat pork anywhere in india.. who said no to u..

    • a indian

      drinking milk of cow is not equal to killing the cow however it is help to a cow when she has exesses of milk also we r providing food , water, protection to him in return we r taking excess of her milk. not her life

    • C N Venugopal

      Is there any logic in saying that v all drink milk depriving little calf holds no good. I use to see the calf gets his share of milk. Moreover killing the animal and using the milk are two different think. However, the point here is the 2 day ban on meat would have been better asusual rather than incresing it to more no. of days.

    • Vikash Shah

      Are you a follower of Zakir Naik.? Do you eat cow. The problem is you!

    • Kamte

      What a DUMB example……think of this removing milk from the very cow who was killed ? Think what you talk…just dnt jabb just because God has give you a long waggy tongue

    • Sam

      @Kaushik – Clear your basics and then comment. Just show the number of calves died because people drank milk?

    • jai shah

      Bro please get the proper knowledge first

    • santosh

      Dear if u aware i will like to tell that if u not take milk from cow she can fall even ill because calf can not consume all the milk. Any way u can not even imagine all these things.

      • human

        no dear, Cow will not feel ill, God dont do that.. pl check?

    • Sumit

      Mr kaushik drinking milk has no connection wid dis u idiot…u r not killing cow by drinking her milk u dumb ass

    • Darpan Vora

      Mr. Kaushik,

      By that logic you should kill your mother and eat her too because she has fed her milk to you. Are you willing to do that?

    • human

      Right, u dont eat onions, garlic etc. also so why not ban that too? why only meat and also no fish or chiken? why ? do u eat onion, garlic, fish and chiken in parshurayn?

  • Sheroo Buhariwala

    Agree with the author totally. Hindu bashing has become norm of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir, the protests are not against the ban. Its against taking away the fundamental right of having the freedom to buy and eat whatever one feels like. Its not for or against any religion. Its simply outrageous to even think of banning something under the pretext of religion. Everyone staying in Mumbai is not from Maharashtra, Hindu, Jain or some specific hardliner. Let communities celebrate their festivals as they please and let everyone else eat drink and sleep as they please. No one should be seeking such a ban in the first place and if the administration thinks its absolutely important to impose a rule to the entire population at large, then vice versa should be applied too and all festival/ religions rules should be followed by everyone as a government mandate. In a city that boasts cosmopolitan culture, such divides are unsought and unfortunate. Respect all religions but food is something personal. I can dress to someone’s liking but eating….no way….one should eat only what they like and no one can forcibly tell anyone to eat or refrain from anything. Don’t politicise something that’s got nothing to do with strength of numbers in Parliament…

  • Bankim Desai

    Killing of animal should be banned not only for 4 days, it should be ban completely. We dont have any right of killing innocent animal. I was not expecting from Ashok pandit,rishi kapoor, sonaxi whom were against the ban. Fadanvis is best CM and future PM of India. He takes decision boldly without fearing of loosing mulla votes.

  • Kamlesh

    Dear Author,

    All Hindus respect all the communities, most of the different community has different customs but they never force it on other people, keep your custom at your home do not make it public as every one has equal rights to eat anything and anytime.

    instead of putting ban on eating shivsena and BJP should do something on speakers on masjids who disturb us 5 times in day with unbearable sound.
    A real noise pollution.

    • a indian

      dear kamlesh u r talkin about rights of people but dear humen u r forget about fundamental right of an amimal to live also u dont have right to kill others

    • A Jain

      Hahahahahahh! What double standards
      Here you’re talking about respecting religions and then complaining about noise pollution 😂

    • kapil

      Mr kamlesh, what we are doing, you want be able to see as we do and dont make noise like u people. And we are not forcing on anybody as humans do behave like humans but some like u will always be hopeless.

    • sagar

      Myself I am a jain, I agree with you

    • Bhumit

      So does the noise during visarjan.

    • Sneha

      MEAT BAN was just a proposal Neither Jain community went up and shutted the slaughter house nor took away anyone’s bite. In simple language “A proposal\request by the community and passed by the government” . No riots took place to bring this ban in action. JUST A PROPOSAL .

      Surely doesn’t make any sense in restricting ones diet preferences.

      Though our belief is not harming those innocents as we believe the fact that “No MEAL IS MORE VALUABLE THAN THOSE INNOCENT LIVES” but never asked any Non Vegetarians to follow the same. Be it political games on religious sentiments but it wasnt a forcing act. One must respect sentiments of all communities instead of focusing on creating casteism among people of same country.
      Nobody can decide what one should eat but same way nobody can perform such childish moves .Insulting anyone or any religion is actually insult to their own ethics. As basic ethics of all religion is to respect all and not to act in such stupidest ways.

      For those who haven’t read the order properly, the ban is on sale of meat and working of slaughter houses. It doesn’t tell people what to eat and what not to eat. It’s a request for peace to those innocent mute animals for 4 days, if not for lifetime.
      Have u wondered why surgeons administer anesthesia during surgery? To make the pain of cutting your body to zero.
      Just imagine when you cannot bear pain for surgery which is for your betterment, what you expect from an innocent animal, being cut into two for death. He doesnt know the reason but knows that he’s gonna die, when he sees his fellow going down the blade
      Jainism is a respected religion across globe and we are not here to discuss religion or community

      Todays act which took place outside the Thane Jain Ajramar Sthanak by MNS people where they burnt live chickens as the people in the morning came outside the Jain Sthanak has severly hurt the sentiments of all Jain People worldwide !

  • deepak gaur

    The letter is absolutely correct and could have been in little more strict words. It seems Shiv Sena is also becoming secular, and from them i would like to ask why didn’t they protested when in kerala lunch was not provided to the students in Roza Days when there were number of students who did not belong to Muslim Community. Please keep some matters away from politics, and STOP using word SHIV from your Name.

    • aman

      dude we dont have to see what is happening in some one else house lets keep our house clean first ]

  • Jig

    The letter sounds like a slap on Uddav’s face by his father the great maratha leader Balasaheb Thackeray. Did he really learned anything from Balasaheb?

    • Vijayraj

      Instead for forcing their belief on others Jain should ask & teach their Chlildren to behave according to their religion,Don’t blame Udhavji,all Marathas are with him

    • Anuj

      No he didnt

  • Jaya Hariharan

    This is only to please Muslims and for their votes. Shiv Sena wats to degrade BJP and to show their strength in the Corporation. The new generation Sena is not serious about Hindutva, for them craze for power is high on their head. If they continue this lackadaisical attitude whatever little seats they have, will soon dwindle in the future elections.

  • a indian

    i want to ask to udhavji ban on meat is imposed by Mayer of mumbai where shivsena is ruling party , why don,t u stop it befour it was announced?

  • narendra kapoor

    We, sitting in Delhi, watch every move as the one affecting the whole country. The way this arrogant person behaved at the time of formation of BJP / NDA government in Maha, was so irritating ….. it led us to conclude about this man’s treacherous character. Just on the basis of blind following of a section of Maharashtrians and vandalism, resorted to by S.S’s workers, people in Maha get scared to oppose them.

  • Harishchandra

    I support meat ban, when westerns follow veggie, we the Indians are moving from veg to non veg. Its high time at least during festive season ban cow slaughtering and meat business.

  • aman

    the point is its a sacred festival so celebrate it y u have to make others realize that u have festival in any other Hindu festival name it Ganesha chatuarthi do we say ban meat or ban any dam thing who are you to do that its a festival so celebrate it and by celebrating your festival are you making any good to community its your festival celebrate it and please dont sing a song of Hinduism who ever wrote this letter the biggest leather exporter in India is a Jain so stop this so called wanna be attitude just to be in lime light this was done what sense it make to ban this for ur festival we are not asking you to eat meat then y u have to put a ban just because you dont eat so every one should stop eating because u have a festival grow up and stop harassing others in the name of ur festival what about the butcher whoes children eat food when he sells that will ur community feed them no u wont so just to be in lime light shaff this open letter in ur a** hole.Udhavjee is right today u ban for 4 days then u have something other comeing up then u ban for more 4 days u will keep doing if there is no stop tio this u celebrate ur festival y we have to suffer for that.

  • Ianka nagraj

    I really appreciate your comments Uddhav the public is not so bad but the real culprit is standing behind the screen to create voileneand unrest in one way or other it is bitter if they use their tactics in building the nations progress. JAI Bharat.

  • Saurabh Bakliwal

    Letter is plain and pointed in depth to the issue. It simply strikes and suggest a deep thinking of writer when it compares the acts that of Aurangzeb. Sena needs to look deep within. They should be back with action and fulfill the chatrapati culture to its core. They seem to be lost.

  • Ajay

    I am very much saddened by the development. It seems no body has any tolerance for the betterment of society. Gandhi’s “Ahmisa Parmo Dharma” is forgotten. Now lover of chicken and goat are on the streets to malign century old brother hood. Shameless are on the street with parts of animals, birds to show how cruel are they? We as a human can not sacrifice our eating habit for 1 week even after knowing that this is a good work in the name of humanity. I am apologetic to Jain brothers. We love them and they are part of our Great India. We are proud of them ! I also condemn Raj Thakrey – Is he a human or demon ? In all these years his politics has not given him anything except all the negative energies he had earned from millions of Indians. May god give him some “enlightenment”.

  • Vimal Shah

    Politicians are playing their cards. Dharma Gurus are playing their cards. We as Jains should believe in Ahimsa & Kshama Bhavana like Bhagwan Mahavira. We should not dictate others what they should do. Pls do your Dharma peacefully.

  • Utsav

    Agree with authe fully. save animals n ahinsa is also heart of hindusm too..

  • Yogi

    The write up with half knowledge, the debate n protest started with 8 days ban resolution passed by Mira Bhaynder corporation by BJP. Earlier years as per state Gov circulars of 2004 the ban was for 2 days n an appeal was made for additional 2 days.

    In Amravati 9 days ban has been imposed since 3 days n police action was taken for closure of meat shops.

    Is 8/9 days ban justified? On what basis?

    The HC also allowed ban for 2 days. Is the writter also questioning the HC decision?

    If u strictly go by Jain religious teachings imposing anything on anybody is bad. Those who r supporting ban should first learn Jainism.

    I would not blame Shivsena entirely, MNS is always looking to eat into Shivsena ‘s core vote bank. Shivsena’ s dharna was for political compulsions n nothing more. MNS has nothing to loose thus they indulge into such cheap stunts. Shivsena has condemned the protests in front of Jain temples n clarified that no SS member took part in such protest.

    The Veg Vs Non Veg debate is never ending, there r more non Veg eating people in this country than only Veg. Many communities depend on fish, poultry n meat business. So no point in debating that issue.

  • roopam oswal

    arey humne kab kha mear ban karo.. humne tho bass itni si request kari ki hamare parushan parv par ahinsha ki paalna ho aur joki ek aachi baat h.. shayad hindu dharam mai bhi yhi kha gya h.. humne kisi dharam par koi comment nhi kia aajtak fir hamare sath aisa durvehvhar.. humari ahinsha ko hamari kamjori na samjhe

  • Udhav Thakrey and Raj Thakre showing power to the non-violent jains… If they have real guts they should try cutting a pig infront of a majid…..

  • Clinton

    Just answer this simple question.. I’m being forced not to eat meat to respect u (All the Jain)…What if u being forced to eat meat to respect me? Will u?

  • Vikash

    I think the reply was correct and a slap on mr.udhav thackrey’s face and which has diminished his stature by protesting against it……. clearly a stupidity to go against a ban which tryies to save a life…. be it human or animal……. Stop politicising this matter…… the ban was forced on butcher house and sale of meat on counters not on your kitchen…….. i dont understand how few idiots in media and Bollywood are suddenly barking now….. as they them self run campaings to save animals….. few idiot bollywood actress first sign up with PETA to save birds and dogs and now oppose the ban…… few idiot news channel run save the tiger campaign and then oppose the ban…….

  • Vijay Sabnis

    Uddhav Thakaray is a political idiot. He is going to take his party down the tube. The real reason of his frustration is that Jain community has flourished In Mumbai and his has not. But Mumbai does not just belong to a state or a language speaking people. It belongs to the nation. Jains, Gujaratis , Marwadis, Punjabis, South Indians, Parsis and Marathis too have contributed to its Urba Prima economic hub status. Mumbai is truly a microcosm of India – miniature India. Roasting meat in front of a Jain temple is an example of hate and intolerance. Let me assure people that majority of people of Maharashtra do NOT agree with his evil tactics.

  • Vivek Jain

    I don’t know why they are making so much noise on ban for 4 days? It is not the matter that if they don’t eat meat for 4 days than they will die and if they say that this is because few people have to keep their shop closed than did they allow them to open these shops at time of Maharashtra band and many other matters. Those Hindus who even eat meats don’t eat it at time of navratras. Why.

  • Uddav thakrey mentioned live and let live.. Jainism also believes in this… Let the animals also live.. Just because they cannot speak does not mean they don’t have right to live..

  • Mukesh

    Dear all n specially author patel!! I think belongs to Jain ,

    In India there is around 33 crores of gods, just because of your God doesn’t allowed meat. Doesn’t have any right to ban on meat. If I say my god doesn’t like to drink water. So that all people will ban on water? Please don’t play politics role. All this r politics from b.j.p government. Don’t includes anybody in this. Humble request. Think on that patel saheb. I am koli.. My generation eat only meat from many years n years. Should i stop eating meat Just because of your Festival ?

  • ,chirag

    Watever people say about milk and all we dnt care the worst thing has happened this time in jain history that they cooked meat in t front of the temples gate .we the hindus always worship tirthankars and even ganpatis if the jains would have done this during ganpati though they dont even like to see the meat but if they would havw done this there would be riots so please dnt call it politics we jains will show u wen the time come we dnt believe in riots our majority will show u now during the elections .we dnt compare to wat happend in indore wat happend in mp just wat has happened in mumbai during our biggest festival…….paryushan .God is watching out if he doent come on the tv and apologiese who ever is responisble for it going to suffer .

  • raks jain

    All i can say is
    Shame on u udav sir
    V thought raj thakrey will one day sink name of balasaheb thakrey
    But ap to unse bhi do kadam age nikle hai
    Agli bar apne bhasan me hindutva ka mudda mat uthana plzzzzz

  • Divy

    As Shiva Sena & other parties are running out of any new ideas so what ever govt try to do they come out to show their presence by protesting without using their senses. Moreover common people gets carriedaway in these petty issues. No one taking about water shortage in mumbai … Atleast spread awareness in shool & colleges the young mind will implement in their home & society rather making issue of non issue!

  • BigB

    1.Sher jungle ka raja hain bhookta nahi hain.
    2.Kutta gali ka khud ko raja samajta hain.Book ta hain.
    3. Meat khane waale tiger; fox; khatam ho rage hai.
    4. Veg Khan wale he rage hain ….desh ko sambhal rage hain.
    5. Cows ko bachanne ke khaatir Krishna as rage hain…there no. Is increasing.
    6.Few self styled saviour of hindutva are sold to 2 egg; 2 peg and 2 legs.

  • hukum jain

    Balasaheb was a great leader that’s why people shown faith on him for long time but udhhav ji doing shameless work he must see towards modiji who is diverting world towards vegetarianism … While he is more powerful and more capable than udhhav ji because he knows the power of jain custom …rather number is less comparatively of jaini and sikhs but world know india is safe on border by sikhs and internally by pure vegetarian like jaini

  • Rushabh

    Disgusted with Udhav Thackeray’s dirty politics, hope Balasaheb was alive today to show him the right way. Cannot trust Udhav Thackeray led Shiv sena anymore.

  • nisar choudhary

    U Hindus stop using loudspeakers while doing bhajan kirtan. U Hindus stop playing drums in ganesh wisarjan… Don’t light firecrackers in diwali to stop noise pollution…if u do do so, I will personally throw away the laudsspeakers from all masjids in India… Stop burning dead bodies imstead bury them to avoided air pollution…. Stop palying holy as u people waste so much water… I u people can’t do this then shut ur mouth and don’t talk bull shit….

  • Girish

    I still curse the day he joined politics, it was better he would have been in jungle tAking wild life pictures. He has spoiled the complete game. He finished Shivsena..

    We lost 1 political party supporting Marathi manus

  • >>
    Apologizing in advance to all my JAIN friends and the JAIN community if they find this post offending.

    This is regarding the recent Meat ban in Mumbai and other parts of the country. I would like to request the govt for a few additional Bans that they might have missed out on.

    For my JAIN friends as they do not eat Meat, the govt has already banned Meat during Paryushan but they also don’t eat garlic, onions, potatoes and other vegetables that is not permitted in their religion. I request the govt to also ban them during Paryushan.

    For my SIKH friends, I would request the govt to ban Razors, Blades, Scissors even Hair Saloons in SIKH majority areas as it might offend them sometimes.

    For my CHRISTIAN friends, I would request the govt to ban sale of meat products during Lent as it might offend them.

    For my MUSLIM friends, I would request the govt to ban sale of any food items at day time during the holy month of Ramzaan
    and last but not the least..

    For HINDUS, as we have a lot of festivals, I would request the govt to ban Alcohol and Meat products during the holy month of Shravan and during all our major festivals.

    If the govt can do this then not just me but everybody else would justify this ban. if not then please do not impose anything on the people that you cannot justify for everyone. whats more ironic is that the JAINS as a community do not force their religious belief on others then why the ban? Banning anything has to be taken only if it has a negative influence on the whole community which includes everyone.

    INDIA is a free country and people have the right to practice whatever they want to which includes the choice of food they want to eat. its our constitutional right. that’s what democracy is for. Democracy is for the People and not for particular sections of the people, please get the definition right.

    Democracy is a hard fought achievement of independent India, and thankfully deep rooted in india. please do not test it with paltry issues like eating and wearing. there are much more larger issues out there, which needs urgent attention.

    I was hoping Acche Din Ayenge but after the recent events it seems Acche Din Chale gaye.. The govt is doing some good things but are always in the news for all the wrong reasons.

    As I end this post, I would like to again apologize to my JAIN friends and the JAIN community if they are offended. Paryushan is a festival of forgiveness and I would like to say “Micchami Dukkadam” to everyone I might have caused any offense to knowingly or unknowingly.

    P.S. Again I am not a Bhakt or an AAM Aadmi or a Pappu follower. I am just a common man (Mumbaikar) expressing my common views.

    Jai Hind

  • Katherine

    I still don’t get it.. How does banning meat matter to you all.. Not that u eat it.. M surprised how u ol r diverting yur mind from actly celebrating yur festival to just create such a big deal abt d killing of animals.. Rather tell us more abt yur festival, facilitate more abt wat u guys do than interfering in others life.. Nd just FYI plants also shudder nd die wen they are plucked from d ground.. Only thing is dey can’t scream or shout..

  • Yash

    Got lots of respect for balasaheb thackrey…and least for his son uddhav just because of his over reactions to this meat ban. Rather than waving political benefits by hurting religious sentiments, should have respected their beliefs.

    Loads of respect for this non violent community “jains”.
    And do remove the word “SHIV” its because you are just a sena for creating issues.

  • Hardik

    If we can allow Loudspeakers for 5 times a day to muslims, road blocking during for Ganesh pandals & Ramzaan or Eid.. why not 4 day ban on Killing of animals?? Jains are not nt forcing to not to eat Non-veg…

    • human

      Hardik did that affect your live hood? No. meat ban do affect live hood of many.. dont compare anything with meat..again why not fish or chicken? is it allowed during u r festival?

  • human

    Dear Jains, You are comparing the things which are nothing to do with u r ban.. few Maharstrians dont eat meat on certain days, but they eat on other days, muslims dont eat duiring fasting but they do eat after fast. Do u eat meat after this 7 days, or is it allowed? as per u r belief it should be banned forever. and why not fish & chicken.. give some logic. Fishing should be banned during this period. Why Garlic and onions should not be banned?
    If you dont want to eat dont eat you cant force others or dictate them that too what to eat and what not to. If they are eating, which is sin as per your belief, then leave it, they will suffer if they are doing anything wrong.
    Milk is animal by-product or not?

  • Informative article, exactly what I was looking for.

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