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Outrageous! 70-year- old man in Bihar beheaded for naming a chowk after PM Modi

  • Siddhant Ghatge
  • March 17, 2018
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In a gut-wrenching incident 70-year-old man, father of a local Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, was attacked and beheaded by a group of 40-50 men in Darbhanga district of Bihar over naming of a chowk on the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the eve of March 15.

The deceased has been identified as Ramchandra Yadav, father of Tej Narayan Yadav who is BJP chief from Behala Panchayat. First, he was attacked on the head, then on the hand and lastly, he was beheaded by a sword.

It all started in December 2016 when a chowk known as Time Square located in Bhadaha village in Darbhanga was named after PM Modi by the son of the deceased Tej Narayan due to his affiliation to the BJP. According to reports, another group wanted the chowk to be named after RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and tried to remove the inscription bearing the name of the PM. According to the rebelling group RJD’s victory in bypolls to one Lok Sabha and an assembly seat marked their party’s resurgence and hence they wanted to rename the square after Lalu Prasad”.

“Around 40-50 men came on 25-30 bikes with hockey sticks and swords. My father went to them to explain the situation over naming the chowk after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but was beheaded,” said Tej Narayan. “They also tried to kill my brother,” he added.

So far the police have made four arrests in this case and further investigation is on in the matter. BJP workers staged a protest in the town on Friday (March 16) demanding the arrest of all culprits apart from suspension of Sadar station in charge.

Meanwhile, state BJP spokesman Rajib Ranjan told news agency PTI over the phone “incidents like these demonstrate RJD’s belief in hooliganism and corruption. They have merely retained two seats they had held earlier, but they want to strike terror into the hearts of the people of Bihar”.

This incident shows the heights of extremism that fanatics like these, who are blinded by political agendas resort to, without thinking once about the consequences of their actions.

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