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Pakistan Dying a Slow Death…

  • Hiral Patel
  • October 25, 2016
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At 11.10 pm last night, Pakistan was struck with one of the deadliest terror attacks in its history. The dreaded act took place on a police training academy in Pakistan’s Quetta city, killing over 60 cadets and injuring over 120. The police academy situated on Saryab Road lies in the Balochistan province.

Pakistani security forces later in an operation rescued hundreds of cadets from the academy.

The attack had been carried out by three terrorists, cycling back on an earlier estimate by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) of “five to six terrorists”. While two of the militants had blown themselves up after being cornered, one was killed in an exchange of fire with security forces- All three were wearing suicide vests.

The three terrorists were believed to be from the Al-Alimi faction of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant group affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban. Injured people, mostly police cadets and security personnel, were shifted to the Civil hospital, Bolan Medical College hospital and Military hospital in Quetta.

In the past too, Militants have conducted several attacks against security forces and national installations in Balochistan , which has been plagued by insurgency and growing sectarian killings for more than a decade.

Pakistan has been in denial since eternity for providing its soil as a safe-haven for terrorists. The attack on the police academy is nothing but “Karma”. It was indeed a very dreaded attack, we do condemn such attacks- the sponsors of terror are themselves at the receiving end now.

Pakistan has been the “Most Favoured Nation” for terrorists. Other countries manufacture, export, import etc. goods for trade. But here they have achieved expertise in manufacturing and exporting terror. Time and again, India has raised the issue of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism and providing its soil as a safe-haven to many wanted terrorists. If you can recall, in 2014 a school was attacked and many children along with few teachers were gunned down by the terrorists.

The day isn’t far when nuclear weapons will be in the hands of the terrorists. Pakistan itself is on the verge of complete collapse, it’s high time they realise their wrong doings.


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