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Pakistan reports claiming it shot down a Indian UAV BUSTED !

  • Fearless Indian
  • July 15, 2015
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The Pakistani media reported that Pakistani Army Shoot downed a Indian Spy drone which was violated Pakistani side of LoC near Kashmiri Bhimber Sector,
The Pakistani Government official Inter service Public relations also floated a Picture showing a Downed drone, and quoting that The UAV violated Pakistani side of Occupied Kashmir, and Taking photos near to the Border.
The Report also mentioned that Pakistani Foreign ministry also summoned the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad for the Violation of Sovereign Air space.
But the Released Photo makes confusions, when Internet based analyzers quickly found about the Information about the Drone.
First of all it’s not like a Bigger spy Plane, But it’s a Quad Copter UAV,
Second, The downed UAV, don’t have any single scratches, but they claims it was shot downed, but may be it fell down, when the battery becomes dry.
Third, The UAV model named DJI PHANTOM produced by a Chinese firm, It’s easily available in the Online market, Ebay sells the quadcopter at the rate of INR 25,000.
Fourth, Last month The Pakistani police inducted the same Chinese Drone for recon purpose.
By all these Chances the Reports seems not accurate, and The ISPR must be paranoid.
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