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Parvez Rasool lands in huge soup of controversy

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 27, 2017
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The matter of Zaira Wasim is still hot and now it’s another Kashmiri individual controversy on the plate.  Zaira was targeted by Kashmiri Radical Muslims for playing a young Geeta Phogat in Dangal. And now its Parveez Rasool, the  Indian team cricket player who found to be disrespecting the national anthem played.

The story says, it was a proud moment when Rasool, India’s only international cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir, as he earned a recall to the Indian side for the T20I series against England three years after his solitary ODI back in 2014. But all of a sudden, that proud moment turned into a most hatred and disrespectful moment for him. During the national anthem, he was spotted supposedly ‘standing in a casual manner’ and chewing gum. This shameful act was spotted by fans and they immediately took to Twitter to mark their disapproval.

Fearless Indian
Source – Internet HINDU


People were quick to remind Rasool that if he is representing his nation, he should pay some respect towards the country as well.  Parvez was found standing “at ease” and chewing gum in a manner that would suggest a show of disrespect to the national anthem.

This comes at a time of mass promotion of a nationalistic identity with theatres now required to play the national anthem before the beginning of the movie. Everyone in theatre is expected to stand for the national anthem, and the refusal to do so draws the anger of the people around you. As the entire Indian cricket team stood at attention and sang the national anthem, cameras caught 27-year old Parvez Rasool in this disrespectful act. Matters become worse as he belongs to J&K, a state that has been maligned for a number of years.

Fearless Indian
Source – Dainik Bhaskar

Right now the Indian cricket team is in great hands at the moment with Anil Kumble serving as coach of the team. Everyone will now be expecting the coach to handle this issue well by having a word with the player and briefing him about a fan’s perspective towards a player that represents India in the game of cricket. It would help if Rasool did come out and simply clarify his stand on the matter. The Indian cricket team is a symbol of national pride and the players are expected to be a role models at all times.

Instances like this have a very short lifeline and it will be forgotten the next time if he puts in a good performance for the team.


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