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Pidi – Rahul Gandhi’s pet dog to run for Congress Presidency

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 30, 2017
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We all have been observing Rahul Gandhi’s meteoric rise in the political sphere. From being termed as a complete nobody to someone who has finally found his calling; Rahul Gandhi has come a long way.

His tweets are testament to his dramatic transformation since the past few months. Rahul Gandhi’s tweets have not only become wittier but have also become more to the point and focussed.

Right from Star Wars references to funny Hindi puns, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle is much more entertaining than Dhinchak Pooja’s captivating rap songs.

Rahul Gandhi has finally come clean regarding the mystery behind the person handling his Twitter profile. And it’s none other than his four-legged companion – Pidi – Rahul’s pet dog.

In a tweet silencing the nation’s queries and Arnab’s puzzled expressions, Pidi confessed that he has been the person behind Rahul Gandhi’s awesome tweets.

Pidi too was overwhelmed by the overwhelming response to his tweets. Now, it seems that success, popularity and retweets have gone in Pidi’s head.

Pidi has now made his intentions quite clear. He will be running against his own master for being elected as the Congress President.

Yes, it’s true. As seen from his tweet, Pidi has claimed that he is way cooler and smarter than his master himself. He has more knowledge on Indian politics than Rahul G or Sonia G ever did or ever will. Moreover, he very well knowns when to bark and when to bite.

Pidi likely might be the new face that runs the Congress party if Congress are to shun dynasty politics and have a proper democratic voting system. The outcome very much depends on the support of long-time loyalist – Diggy Doggy Singh’s unbiased support and vote.

Here’s wishing Pidi wins the election and becomes the new bark…ummm… face of the Congress party.

Disclaimer: This content is a work of satire and bears no resemblance to the truth. 

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