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When PM Modi made a phone call to a BJP worker

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • October 26, 2017
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Do you know why PM Modi is most humble and down-to-earth person in the world? Every Indian knows that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famous for discipline, development, dress-code, rock star body language, dynamic looking, and excellent communication skills. Surprise to know he is the only PM in the world who works 7 days in a week. According to RTI report, he has not taken any single day leave from the day one. Also, he is the first Prime Minister of India who went thrice to Kashmir on Diwali day. It is true fact that the real character of a person can’t be hidden for a longer period of time, even from his haters.

This Diwali a businessman from Vadodara received a precious gift which he and his family won’t forget ever in their life. PM Modi’s call on his mobile phone around 4:30 pm on October 19 when Gohil was preparing for Diwali was more than a pleasant surprise for him. He was swept off his feet. The feeling is still lingering inside him. An audio clip containing the conversation between PM Modi and Gohil has gone viral on WhatsApp. Modi spoke with Gohil and his wife for about 10 minutes on phone.

Gohil runs a stationery shop in Vadodara. He is also a ward-level BJP worker. He claims to have met Modi during the latter’s ‘Sadbhavana fast’ in September 2011. Modi was Gujarat’s chief minister then. Gohil worked for Modi when the latter had contested as BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Vadodara in 2014. Modi asked Gohil to spread the good works of the BJP governments and said he takes all the attacks on him by the Opposition in his stride.

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