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Prime Ministers electrifying speech and 5 Major Takeaways from it

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  • February 9, 2018
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In an electrifying speech Mr. Modi completely decimated the opposition in the parliament. The Opposition was trying to create ruckus while Prime Minister was addressing the parliament, but he remained unperturbed throughout his speech. In his well-articulated speech, He blamed the congress of being undemocratic by serving one family in their party culture & also not being participative towards growth of the nation.

Here are  the major take ways from Mr.  Prime Minister’s speech

  1. He blamed opposition of not working aggressively towards the development of nation by comparing the countries which got freedom after India but have developed at a much faster pace.
  2. He also took a dig at the Congress by pointing out at the opposition that look who is talking about democracy? By citing an example from past that how Pandit Nehru was handpicked up as a leader of congress despite Sardar Patel having vote from 12 out of 15 congress committee & 3 voted for Nota during congress presidential elections. Prime Minister compared how history has repeated itself when Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s coronation took place instead of a democratic way of electing party president. He also stressed upon how opposition has disrespected Article 356 by suppressing regional parties in Kerala , Tamil Nadu and various other states in past.
  3. He also told the house that congress has divided the nation on religious grounds and if Sardar Patel was the first prime minister of India, Kashmir issue would have been integral part of India. The root cause  of Present Kashmir issue  is Mr. Nehru’s bad diplomacy.
  4. He also cited Rahul Gandhi’s dual standard towards the nation in the Doklam issue , when nation was standing against the Chinese troops to protect its border, Mr. Gandhi chose to  have a meeting with Chinese diplomats at a personal level.
  5. He spoke about India’s first Health Care system Ayushman Bharat , under which poor can avail better treatments . He also requested the opposition to be participative in the development of nation by providing suggestions and passing important bills that are pending at RS like triple talaq without playing appeasement politics card for the inclusive progress of the nation. He also stressed how present government is focused on development by being an Aim Chaser when opposition has blamed them for being only a name changer.

Mr. Modi’s has teared into opposition with many other valid points like introduction of Aviation policy in much later stage in India & leaders from opposition spreading bad word about the nation in foreign soil ,negative mindset of opposition about the development work done by Government and attacking the nation while in course of attacking Modi .The address by Prime minister has already stunned  the opposition leaders , as Mr. Modi has made it clear that he is not going to keep any stone unturned to make the India  among the  best nation in the world . Now, We have to wait and watch if there is anyone from the opposition who can match up to the energy and content of Mr. Modi .

Jaya Chowdhury

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