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Prime Minister’s favorability rating at 87%

  • Hiral Patel
  • September 22, 2015
  • India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won high approval ratings from an American survey, Pew. The PM has an outstanding 87% backing, a 9% jump from 2013 when 78% percent had a favorable opinion of Modi.

The Pew Research Center survey also shows that 74% believe the Indian economy is headed in the right direction and expect it to improve significantly over the next 12 months. The poll was conducted among 2,452 respondents in India from 6 April to 19 May, 2015.

“Public satisfaction with India’s direction has nearly doubled since 2013 and pride in the country is up,” the Pew Research Center said.

Roughly six in ten self-identified Congress supporters approve of PM Modi’s handling of a range of issues, access to clean toilets (66 per cent), unemployment (62 per cent), helping the poor (61 per cent) and inflation (61 per cent). And majorities of Congress backers approve of the prime minister’s efforts against terrorism (56 per cent) and corruption (56 per cent), the survey said.

The ratings come on the heels of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US; it is an historic moment for India, as United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary and in New York PM Modi will address the UN Sustainable Development Summit for formal adoption of a new sustainable development agenda.

Also, Modi will be participating in a summit hosted by President Barack Obama on peacekeeping. India has been one of the largest contributors to the UN peacekeeping forces.

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  • sanjay

    Modi sir is a best pm in world

    • mohan

      i like so much modi ji our prim minister

  • my faibrate primmenistor

  • my mob. no. 08115809318

  • Mahendra

    He is dedicated man to India. ..he deserve to be on number always….he will change the India in a two terms of PM


    The only commited pm of india is Mr modiji. He is on eight tracks to boost indian economy. And giving platform or the entair world come and MAKE IN INDIA. THIS IS THE CHALLANGE TO OTHER FASTEST GROW ING COUNTRY.WHY? BE AUR MR MODI HAS FEATH ON 65% YOUNGEST INDIA.

  • Dr. Geetanjali Kaushik

    Proud of you Modi Ji… Best PM India has ever had!!!

  • Wow that is great new
    i love you Modi sir

  • Mukesh Kumar Sengar

    Modi is the best PM of bharat.

  • manjinder singh

    Pm doing good job. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • ASHU Sonkhla

    we should believe in our P.M. he is elected by the people of India for 5 years so do not cry hard have faith but our opposition leaders are cried meaning lessly.

  • Modi is a Great P.M

  • Thanks modi sir

  • Geeta

    A wonderful personality person and I trust him. After a long time we proud that Narender Modi sir our prime minister

  • Ramdulare

    Modi is the best PM of hindustan

  • sandip Gholap

    World’s no.1 pm who know how operate the country . As like as ordinery man .simple life living method & generate the people in own money .he judge the economy very well.i sallute this person.



  • Surinderjit sharma

    We can not have a better person asM he his? first Indian at heart person to lead us let us a
    Take a vow to do every thing to keep the dynasty out the last of them is already a mand budhi person

  • Vssrivastava

    Shri modi is the only hope to restore the prestige of our country. He is having very difficult time because of corrupt political parteisralliying against him. We the people must stand by him. All the best mr Modi we are with you.

  • Mahender k gupta

    A ray of hope has come in Indian people. We hope India under Modi selfless leadership will be able to provide facility of home, electricity, good education,good medical facilities to the most downtroden.

  • Nilesh vitkare

    modiji aap accha kaam kar rahe ho isliye congress ro rahi hai aap kaam karate rahiye pura desh aapke saath hai kuch line modiji k liye

    Un kutto ko bhonkne do.

  • Indrajeet Nahak

    sir i heartly love u
    Now India have found a great Leader who will take top to india
    This line is for my idol pm “Sir Indians are want a corruption free INDIA by YOU..

  • vishal

    Sabka saath sabka vikas
    Great modiji
    Jay hind

  • Vijay sharma

    Modi ji one of the greatest man in the world, at present all Indians are proud to be Indian. His efforts put our nation on top of the world. ‘It’s my view he was the strongest PM of India till date. In his leadership India become the most powerful in the world, at present world giving great respect to INDIA and there people. We love him with great respect, God bless him . We also thankful to God who provide a great human as our leader. Thank you Modi ji.

  • vivek

    Modi ji can feel poor indians feeling he is the best indian

  • Vasantgite

    मेरे जैसे कई लोग मोदी जी के लिए दुआ करते हैं कि वे अपने किए गए वादे पूरे करके अपने आप को आजतक के सबसे बेहतरीन पंतपरधान साबित करें. मोदी साहब ही भारत के विकास को बढावा दे रहे है!

  • Inder Pal

    We being Indian should appreciate hard work done by our PM. God bless her and give long life life to serve our nation

  • Gaurav chauhan

    Modi is the best PM of India
    Modi is great.


    Modi is the best PM since independence.

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