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Rafale: A Dussehra Gift to Protect Our Borders

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • October 9, 2019
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As I start to Pen down my thoughts after a while, I would like to wish you all Shubh Vijayadashmi to Everyone of You, firstly. This Blog of mine is very close to my Heart & plays a very significant role, the reason is that so long my Father, my Guiding Soul, My Mentor in my life used to be behind my Ideation Process, for all my Articles, Since he is no more Physically, this is the 1st blog after his departure to the heavenly abode, I thereby dedicate this blog to my father…. !!

Before I get into the details of Rafale-A Deterrent, I would like to give in a Brief manner the Siginificance of Vijayadashmi—as we all know, Vijayadashami literally means the celebration of righteousness over evil which is celebrated on the 10th day of Ashwin Maas Shukla Paksha. Today as I write blog happens to be Vijayadashami, it’s also known as Dusshera. It marks the end of Shardiya Navarathri. The day is celebrated as victory of Mother Goddess over evil demons named Shumbh & Nishumbh. So it is a celebration of righteousness over evil & according to legends the day is marked by several other such victories of good & other Factors. The Purpose of me giving you all a brief is that Today marks the Historic day for India’s forces as India receives first Rafale Jet.Indias Defence Minister officially received the first Rafale fighter Jet from Dassault Aviation at a ceremony in Bordeaux in France. As he landed at Merignac Airport, Defence Minister was received by Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier. India’s Defence Minister took a tour of the Rafale manufacturer Dassault Aviation’s Plant at Bourdeaux. During the Handing over ceremony, French Defence Minister Florence Parley Said” Rafale is the best Technology France has to offer, adding “sixty-six Rafale jets will be delivered between 2019-2023. “It’s Historic day for India’s forces”. Rajnath Singh said during the ceremony. “India-France deal was struck on 23rd May 2016,after three years it is ready for delivery,” Rajnath singh Added.

Let me give you all some details about Rafale deal in an brief manner:
India had signed a deal with France for 36 Rafale jets, four jets are expected to arrive in India in May next year, and the rest will arrive in September 2022. The Fighter Jet is expected to enhance Striking capabilities giving the Indian Air Force Strategic Depth. There are 13 India –Specific enhancements in the Rafale Jet. This highly anticipated jet handover ceremony coincides with 87th Foundation of Indian Air Force & Dusshera. The first Aircraft with Tail Number RB-01 was received by a team of Indian Air Force officers led by Air Marshal VR Chaudhary in France last month. The tail Number RB-01 has been named after Indian Air Force Chief Air Marshal RKS Bhaduria who played a significant role in finalizing the Rafale deal.

Now you all must be aware of Rafale deal, as its much talked & Debated about inside & outside the Parliament as well as in Media, let me Give you all Reasons as to Why Rafale Jets are Important for Indian Air Force?
The Induction of the Rafale fighter jet will be a “Game Changer”, for India in regional Geopolitics of South Asia in so far as Pakistan is concerned, Defence Experts opines. Firstly let me tell you all the meaning of “Rafale”-The Rafale (Literally meaning “Gust of wind”) & (Burst of fire”). Is a twin-engine, canard-Delta wing, multirole fighter Aircraft designed & built by the French Aircraft designed & built by the French Aircraft Manufacturer, Dssault Aviation.

What are Rafale jets?
In my earlier blog on Rafale deal, I have explained in a detailed manner, but still will give a brief on Rafale jets in this blog of mine too. The Rafale jets Technology is the State-of-Art-Technology 4+Generation. The Aircraft can also be used for numerous role including Air dominance, interdiction, Aerial Recce, Precision long-Range strikes, including in the Maritime environment.Rafale Categorized as a 4.5 Generation Aircraft for its Radar- evading Stealth Profile, will be a Game changer for the IAF, since most of the Aircraft in its inventory—including the Mirage2000 of India. There is nothing equivalent to the Rafale in Pakistan” retired Air Marshal M. Matheswaran said. The Upgraded version of the Mirage & the Sukhoi 30 can be best reach up to the category of Fourth-Generation Fighters. The Indigeneously developed light combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas can be categorized as Fourth-Generation in terms of Avionics & Technology, but it is too small an Aircraft to make a difference.

How it will be Advantage India—
1. India will be the only Fourth country, after France, Egypt, & Qatar, to fly the Rafale.But the Rafale cannot be compared to J-20, an indigenously developed Fifth-Generation Aircraft of China. Let me give you all the Specifications:

The Rafale can fly at speeds of 1.8Mach (2,222.6Km/Hour) & can climb to a height of 50,000 feet. It has a Range of 3,700Km which can be increased with Mid-Air Refueling. The Fighter Jets 15.27 Meters long from nose to tail, has a wing span of 10.8 Meters & also a Wing Surface area of 45.7Square Meters. It can carry 9,500 Kg of Bombs & Ammunitions. This is more than Sukhoi 30 MK1, which can carry loads of up to 8,000Kg, say Military Experts. France has promised to ensure that at least 75% of the Rafale Fleet is combat-worthy at any given point, failing which, heavy penalties will be invoked.

2. Inter-Governmental Agreement, with France in September 2016 for Procurement, of 36 Rafale Fighter Jets. The Aircraft is capable of carrying a range of potent weapons & also missiles. The IAF has already completed preparations, including readying required Infrastructure & Training of Pilots, to welcome the Fighter Aircraft. The First Squadron of the Rafale Aircraft will be deployed at Ambala Air Force Station, Considered one of the most strategically located bases of the IAF around 200 Kms from the India-Pakistan Border. The 2nd Squadron of Rafale will be stationed at Hasimara Base in West Bengal.

Now let me give you all a Brief on How Rafale Jets will enhance IAF’s Combat Capabilities?
Newly-Appointed IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhaduria said that Rafale Jet’s will enhance its capabilities over its adversaries in the neighbourhood. Besides the Missile system, the Rafale Jets will also come out with various other India-Specific Modifications, including Israeli helmet mounted displays, radar warning receivers, low band Jammers, 10-Hour Flight Data Recording, Infra- Red search& also Tracking System amongst others.

As we all know that IAF is on the Path of Rapid Modernization through acquisition, of Crucial Technologies, & Critical Capabilities such as the Rafale fighter Aircraft,S-400 Surface-To-Air Missile(Defence System from Russia), Precision weapons, Advanced Electronics & also Early Warning Systems, to name a few. The induction of Rafale will improve our Deterrence capabilities manifold. When Deterrence improves Chances of Conflict will diminish, opined P.S.Ahluwalia, A retired Official. The Strength of Rafale lies in its advanced Radar & an array of Meteor, Scalp & Mica Missiles, besides 13 India-Specific Enhancements. The Rafale’s “RBE2 active Electronically Scanned array radar”, allows for early detection & tracking of multiple Air Targets & generates three-dimensional maps of the terrain over which the Jet is flying in real time. The Meteor is a Next-Generation beyond –visual-range-air-to-air-missile (BVRAAM) that can hit a wide range of Targets with Pinpoint accuracy. The Mica is also a BVRAAM with unique stealth interception capability. The Induction of the Rafale is critical for the IAF, which is set to decommission the MiG-21 Bison Aircraft & is already down to just over 30 Squadrons far less than the sanctioned 42 required for a two-front war against Pakistan & China.

It’s also seen that many of the jets in Pakistan’s Inventory comprises US-made F-16s besides some, Chinese-made JF 17s. China’s People’s Liberation Army Force has over 600 Fourth Generation & fourth-Generation plus jets. China is also developing now fifth-Generation J-20 in Competition with the US’s Fifth-Generation fighter Jets such as F-22 & F-35 made by Lockheed Martin Corp. “Thus Rafale is many leagues better than the F-16 & the JF-17 in terms of Range, Armaments, & Electronic Warfare Capability, Says Manmohan Bahadur, A Former IAF Air Vice Marshal.

As I conclude my Thought Process with details of Rafale Jets, on 8th of October 2019, on Vijayadashami day, Rajnath Singh, our Defence Minister performed “Shastra Pooja”, takes a Sorties in Rafale.

Shastra Pooja—Worship of Instruments—Shastra Pooja literally translates into “Worship of Instruments”. In case of war, Weapons are cleaned, bedecked, with flowers, & Tilak & Placed in a line, adjacent to a wall. Eric Trappier, CEO, Dassault Aviation Ltd., said “It is a great for Indian Air Force,& India, also for France & Dassault Aviation. We did what was in the Contract & now it is ready to fly. We are very Proud”.

Rafale Flies: Rafale jet Carrying Defence Minister takes off a Sortie. It was flown by Philippe Chateau, head test Pilot of Assault Aviation.

Rafale was decorated: As part of the Shasta Pooja, the Jet was adorned with Coconut, Flowers, & Sweets Before its test run in France. A Momentous Occasion indeed. He was the 1st Defence Minister to fly on Rafale. A significant step towards Boosting of Ties between India & France on various levels. Indeed a great Milestone achieved for Indian Air Force. As Defence Minister Performed Shastra Pooja, India takes Culture to the World. Modi Sarkar did many policies in Implementation which was only in books during UPA era led by Manmohan Singh. Thus Good will one day or the other will win over Evil, so on the day of Vijayadashmi, Rajnath Singhji Defence Minister of India Proudly gets 1st Rafale for our Nation—Indeed a Historic Moment, & Performs Shastra Pujan.

“OM” is the final Shanknaad to send Shivers down the Spine for Enemy Nation. A much awaited Rafale Jet is handed over to India, as India Celebrated the 87th Anniversary of its founding Day at Hindon Air Base in Ghaziabad—Air Force Day-Courage, Valour, Dedication, Commitment & Zeal inspires the Nation. Thus this lays a Global Blueprint for Successful Defence Co-operation between two responsible states. As Part of wide “Make in India”, initiative, in the DefExpo to be held in Lucknow from February 5th to 8th 2020, Defence Minister, and Rajnath Singh also extends the Invite. For Participation. Thus an Important Strategic Relationship is strengthened, through this Deal. Thus this is the Mission Statement of the Modi Sarkar, they walk the Talk, instead of just giving fiery speeches in air, this Sarkar believes in “Actions Speak Louder than Words”.

India gets a Raksha Kavach, which is key for our Country’s Safety & Security to Protect from Enemies across the Borders from all Four Sides. A Great Strategic Achievement by Modi Sarkar.

Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed
Salutations to our Brave Warriors
Jai Hind
Dr.S.Sukanya Iyer

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