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Rafale Deal – Scripted with Perfection & Precision by PM Narendra Modi, In flight from Congress Regime.

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • February 10, 2018
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As I Pen down My Comprehensive Analysis on Rafale Deal, Friends Let me tell you all about the Rafale Deal in a Brief Manner—

Rafale Aircraft are twin-Engine Medium Multi Combat Aircraft (MMRCA), Manufactured by DASSAULT AVIATION, a French Firm. Rafale Fighter jets are Positioned as “omni role”, aircrafts that capable to perform a wide-range of combat roles air supremacy, interdiction, Aerial Reconnaissance, Ground Support, in-depth strike, anti-ship strike & Nuclear Deterrence. Rafale was not only Indias only choice. There were several International Aviation Manufacturers, expressed interest upon knowing the Indian Governments mammoth plan to revamp its Indian Air Force fleet by introducing MMRCAs. There were six renowned Aircraft Manufacturers who in fact competed to bag the contract of 126 Fighter Jets, which was touted to be the largest—ever Defence Procurement Deal of India. Now let me tell you all who were all the Initial bidders—Lockheed Martin’s F-16s, Boeing’s F/A-18s, Eurofighter Typhoon, Russia’s MiG—35, Sweden’s Saab’s Gripe& Rafale. All Aircraft were tested by the IAF & after careful analysis on the bids, two of them -Eurofighter & Rafale—were shortlisted. Dassault bagged the contract to provide 126 fighter jets, as it was the lowest bidder & the Aircraft were said to be easy to maintain.

Now, Friends Let me tell you all When did the actual Procurement Process begin?

There was a requirement by Indian Air Force Fighter Jets in 2001. The current IAF Fleet largely consists pf heavy & Light weight combat Aircraft. So, the Defence Ministry Considered bringing in intermediate medium- Weight fighter jets. The ideation process started in 2001, ideation Process was ignited in 2007. The Then Defence Acquisition council headed by then Defence Minister, Mr. A. K. Anthony, approved the Request for Proposal to buy 126 Aircraft in August 2007. This kick- started the bidding process.

What’s the Cost Involved & How many Rafales are we buying?

This deal was initially estimated to be worth $10.2Bn (Rs. 54,000Cr). The plan included acquiring 126 aircrafts, 18 of them in fly-way, condition & the rest to be made in India @ Hindustan Aeronautics Facility under Transfer of Technology.So, Friends what we find here is that Rafale won the Contract, & India was about to buy 126 Jets. But friends here are the catch, there are twists & turns like none other than Sherlock Holmes thriller stories—After Rafale won the contract, the Indian side& Dassault started Negotiations in 2012.But as we all know it’s a customary Practice to indulge into Negotiations, which stretched for several Months & Ended up in 2015.  The delay in signing deal could be felt across, now friends let me tell you all –

Why there was delay in Clinching this Rafale Deal?

There were lot of Political changes which are about to happen in India at that time, & Both India & France witnessed National Elections & also a change in Government while the negotiations were under way, Pricing was the issue. Even during the signing of the purchase agreement, both the sides couldn’t reach a conclusion on the financial aspects.According to sources, the Priceof an Aircraft was about Rs.740 cr, & India wanted less than 20%. lesser cost. Though the initial plan was to buy all 126 Jets, India brought it down to only 36 that too in ready condition.

Now after PM Modi who coming into Power in 2014, scrapped the deal which was going directionless, & The process gained due momentum during PMs Visit to France in 2015. The Rafale deal Negotiated by the NDA Government Led by PM Modi, resulted in substantial 350 Mn reduction for 36 Aircraft in flyaway condition as compared with terms that were being considered by UPA & there is a further 1,300 Million saving for weapons, maintenance & Training. What we found was that NDA Government saved Rs. 12,600cr., in Rafale Deal. But as we all know that Congress which always played politics of Hypocrisy & the Guilt strongly pricked, they started scathing attacks on PM Modi seeking an explanation on Prices of the Deal.  The Government of India Now led by NDA, clearly stated the fact that UPA was getting 18 fighters for around 100 Million each.  But however, in New deal signed by our PM Modi the cost now is around 90 Million per fighter.

When the deal was signed Between Two Governments-India & France, which clearly stated the fact that it would acquire 36 Jets, In Flyway condition as soon as possible. According to the Joint statements issued then, two Nations agreed to “Conclude an Inter-Governmental Agreement for supply of the Aircraft on terms that would be better than conveyed by Dassault Aviation as part of a separate process which was underway. The delivery time frame also would be compatible with the operational requirement of IAF, & the Aircraft & associated systems & weapons would be delivered on the same configuration as had been tested & approved by Indian Air Force & with a longer Maintenance & responsibility by France.

There were Prompt Procedural steps followed by Our PM Modi referring it to—The proposals were presented to the Defence Acquisition Council, on 3 occasions, & its directions were incorporated. The proposal then got a Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), nod after which the IGA took place in 2016, between India & France. On Costs Issues, the Present Government maintained its stand very firmly by saying that it was far better deal clinched than the UPAs., with a total reported saving of more than 1600 MN Euros (350 Mn euros) on the cost of Aircraft with a total reported saving of more than 1600 Million Euros, or Rs. 12,600 cr.

Most importantly I would like to highlight you all is that of There was no previous Agreement on Transfer of Technology. They were offered just License Manufacturing Technology.  But friends in the present state of Agreement the 36 Rafale procurement Proposal supports “Make in India”, Initiative, of the Indian Government through Article 12of the IGA. It states that the French Party will facilitate the implementation of “Make in India”, by the Industrial supplier notably through offsets for 50% value of the supply Protocol. Here in this proposal we find it also includes provisions for the transfer of sophisticated design Technology which is meaningfully superior to the Licence Manufacturing, on offer in the earlier 126 MMRCA nonstarter.  The Present IGA was signed only between two Governments, No Middlemen, No Kickbacks Like BOFORS DEAL under UPA Regime. Most importantly the Procurement process also does not involve any Indian Private Party/Individuals.

Last Year November 2016, French officials rubbished all Claims by Congress’s Rafale claims. As we all know, that the Jet was selected after thorough compliance with Procedures, the French officials claimed. French officials also claimed that this was the Highest deal done so far. Which incorporates 50% offsets. The Rafale deal which was cleared by UPA Government, but had got stuck as Dassault refused to certify that the Aircraft that were to be Manufactured in HAL in India. French officials categorically refuted & Rubbished all allegations made by Congress in the month of Nov.2017, stating the fact that the Rafale fighter Jets which has been selected for outstanding performance & Competitive Price, & through a completely transparent process, said French officials, rubbishing Congress claims that the deal was overpriced, & Favoured one company.  “The Jet was selected after full compliance with Procedures, very unusual in these kind of contracts”. Said French Officials.

Why Congress was Indulging itself into such Blame game politics?

Congress was simply trying to digress from Augusta Chopper scam. The Arrest of CarlosGerona, the middlemen, in India & his extradition, made Congress to indulge into such blame game politics, to gain attention, & also shielding the culprits as usual. None of these stunts actually worked as such. Congress must be ready to answer who took bribes in Augusta Westland case, chopper deal, the money trail involved into. Government once again reiterated the fact that this Rafale deal was much better deal, then the Notionally Negotiated by the Congress Regime. But As we all know that Rahul Gandhi in his own Lacklustre style kept attacking our PM Modi on the Pricing issue of Rafale Deal. But the Government of India hit back firmly at the United Opposition, for raising doubts, over the Rafale deal, & Reiterated that it was better in many aspects, than the one which was “Notionally Negotiated by UPA”, which was directionless, hanging in the air for last 10 years. The Present Government led by NDA-had completed Negotiations within a Year.

The Present Defence Minister, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, in a written reply to Rajya Sabha, said “As per Article-10, of the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA), between Government of India & Government, of France on the purchase of Rafale Aircraft, the Protection of the classified information & Material exchanged under IGA is Governed by the Provisions of the security agreement signed between the two Nations in 2008. Reliance Defence has tied-up with Rafale Manufacturer Dassault Aviation, for a Joint venture, in India to execute the 50%, offsets which were Mandated by under the Mega Fighter contract. But Both Reliance & government have strongly rubbished the claims of Congress. Under MMRCA (Medium Multi-role combat Aircraft), project which was being Negotiated by the UPA, 18 Rafale, were to come in Flyway condition., with the rest 108 being licensed Produced in India with Transfer of Technology.Friends, according to me as I come to end of my analysis I would like to quote what Raksha Mantri said—”I feel that No offset contracts have been signed, and also find that it does not require any permission from the Government, if two Private firms come together, which is a matter of their own Prudence,” Said Ms Nirmala Sitharaman.

What I find that this deal which was pending for these many years, reasons as I explained above exposes the fact that Congress failed to Execute such a deal which is supposed to be a Backbone of Indian Air Force. Congress President,Mr. Rahul Gandhi I would like to tell you is that please take some time off to visit your Amethi constitute develop state of art Infrastructure, Quality Education for Daughters of that area, good Schools, most importantly please allocate fund for Construction of Toilet especially for Girls. Why Amethi is lagging behind all these Issues? I think Nation wants to Know, it’s a popular sentiment & Mood of the Nation. Thanks to our Leadership at the helm of affairs, at the Centre, our Hon.PM Modi who works so tirelessly  & travels in length & breadth to strengthen our Geo-political relationships, has made a Paradigm shift towards  Vision of New India, where Innovation is key, Infrastructure led growth Model is Key, & for 1st time Post Independent India, any PM has given a free hand to our Armed Forces, like our PM Modi, who clinched this deal in record time between two Governments only, with much better Pricing, With a Make In India initiative. Amidst all scathing attack on PMs personal as well as on his work front, is undergoing a litmus test, but as our PM Modi rightly puts it across” the more you spill the dirt/Filth, on that filth Lotus Will Bloom”. Well said PM Modi as you Rescripted—”Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed”.

Friends, this Article of mine is dedicated to all Brave warriors who weather the severities of conditions, sacrificing their lives for the sake of Nation. Salutations to All Jawaans & their Families. Friends, with my Limited Knowledge, experience, Efficiency levels I tried to analyse, hoping that “the Best Production is Yet to come”.

Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer.

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