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Does RaGa needs a math teacher?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 6, 2017
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Rahul Gandhi- is the profound comedian than Kapil Sharma and is always in the headlines for some or the other reason. Remember his ‘Aloo ‘ machine…which will give you gold if you will put Aloo on one side… Amazing invention

Now, this time, math proved to be a fall down block for his party vice-president Rahul Gandhi. The scion of the Gandhi family is famous for committing silly mistakes. Rahul is constantly posting questions to PM Modi on social media regarding his various issues. While posting his 7th query to PM he ended up with citing wrong numbers

He talked about increasing prices of essential commodities and also tweeted a table with figures showing the percentage rise in prices of LPG cylinders, tomato, onions, daala, milk and diesel. Though, all the percentages are inflated by 100 points on that table.

He has sought liability from BJP for the promises they made to the state in previous polls. “22 salon ka hisaab, Gujarat mange jawab (Gujarat demand for the answers for 22 years of the BJP rule), is the tagline of Rahul Gandhi.

As per the ANI report, RaGa presented a data which shows that the cost of a cylinder in 2014 was Rs 414, whereas, in 2017, it had gone up to Rs 742. Pulses had risen by 177% instead of 77% and the list of goes on. Once a fake report on his part was noted by several media houses, immediately Rahul deleted the original post and posted the new one.

It’s high time now Rahul Ji, you must change your scriptwriter. Because this college-level poetry won’t make an eligible Prime Minister of India and a perfect response from BJP which you are asking for every now and then. First of all, come with a clear data and present yourself as a responsible leader in front of the public and not as an entertainer. Grow up, dude!


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